Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's Almost October... Time For Halloween Music With A Jamaican Twist

I'm getting psyched that the Halloween season is upon us! I actually started this blog last October because I'd been admiring and enjoying the wealth of Halloween music that was being shared on so many great non-reggae blogs and I figured I'd jump in and share some of the creepy Jamaican songs that have been a part of my holiday celebrations for years! So... in order to make this year's celebration even better, I've been stockpiling as many Jamaican songs with spooky content that I could get my hands on. Now, I could easily compile these songs into one zip file, upload it to Rapidshare and be done with it but that would be way too easy. I've decided instead to do something a little different... I recently discovered this program on my Mac called Garage Band and I've been putting together some really cool mixes complete with sound effects and other fun audio snippets. Now here's what I'm going to do... I'm gonna make a complete mix of all the songs using traditional Halloween sound effects, creepy noises, etc. and then chop it into individual tracks which I will share whenever I get a chance throughout October (complete with a little blurb about each one) and when placed together in order on a CDR or on your Ipod they'll make a complete Jamaican Halloween Mix. Each track will stand alone but will be that much better when assembled with all of the others. I think this will be pretty cool - first track coming soon!! Oh... how cool is that Bob Marley pumpkin!?


pacef8 said...

yeh someone else who has got into garageband.
I use it for my mixes that i have ( it will only allow 30mins for some reason. Self taught myself if you get stuck let me know. (dont forget the echo and reverb sound effects) ta gary
here in liverpool the colours of autumn are starting and the temp is dropping.

i said...

hey reggaexx... happy one year birthday to distinctly jamaican sounds! new banner looks great. looking forward to the mix you mentioned (you should put it out there as a podcast!) and looking forward to giving it a spin come halloween! peace.

Municiple said...

you should check out a program called Traktor by Native Instruments... it will change your life.

HEARWAX said...

Sounds cool...and spooky.

keep it coming,


Reggaexx said...

Hope everyone is gonna dig this! I contemplated doing the mix as a podcast but I needed motivation to start posting on a more frequent basis and I don't think I've ever seen anyone do something like this...hopefully it works! :)

Reggaexx said...

Pacef8 - I found the secret to extending Garageband's capabilities beyond the 30 minute limit - before you start a new project you have to set the tempo to 60bpm instead of the 120bpm and the time to 7/4 instead of the usual 4/4 - I've heard that it will extend the project time as much as an hour and a half, I wouldn't know ...I haven't done anything that long yet!