Friday, December 15, 2006

So Long For Now....

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the mix but... sadly I'm going to take this space to announce that I am taking some time away from Distinctly Jamaican Sounds. I initially started this blog in an effort to share my love of Jamaican music and I hoped that it would be a welcome place on the net for those who wanted to give this beloved and diverse music a listen. It's been a lot of work but I've enjoyed researching, writing and posting music for all to share over the last year and 2 months but it's starting to feel more like a job than something I enjoy doing. I don't mean to be a bummer at this festive time of year but in all honesty, I'm tired of not receiving feedback for my efforts. I appreciate all those who leave comments on a regular basis - you've kept me going throughout my time here but unfortunately this Christmas mix, that so many have taken the time to download, was the straw that broke the camel's back. I spent countless hours perfecting this holiday mix and posted it free of charge to spread a little Christmas good will and all I expected in return were comments - whether positive or negative - I just wanted people to tell me what they thought.

Obviously this blog is just another stop in the endless chain of free music downloads. What people forget is that MP3 blogs such as these aren't done my faceless corporations or record companies, they're done by actual people who have an appreciation for genres of music that stray beyond the mainstream only want to share their passion with others. If you get no reponse from your perceived "audience" it makes your life a lot easier just to keep the music and information to yourself.

It's been fun but now I definitely feel like a radio station whose signal never penetrates the studio walls - is anyone out there listening?

Again I apologize for being such a downer but it's been eating at me for a couple months now and I just needed to get it out in the open. Hopefully this time off will clear my mind and restore the pleasure I used to derive from posting here.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To All!

John AKA Reggaexx


Vitriolix said...

john--- i'll been an avid reader for a while now (absolutely loved the Halloween series). sorry to see you go. as a fellow blogger i sympathize with the feeling that you are just sending your work out into a black hole, most people reading music blogs read so many that they just don't have time to respond as much as they'd like. i think i follow about 20. anyhow, no harm in taking a break though. if you decide to start up again i'll keep your rss feed in my reader waiting for your next posts.

good luck,


Anonymous said...

John --- I have only recently come across your site and am very sorry that you are going so soon, good luck and I hope you cone back soon.


Anonymous said...

This is my first time here. As an audioblogger searcher I´m sorry that you close. Reggae is not my fabourite genre, but I love black music and I´m always open to new sounds. This blog seems interesting and your gone. Good Luck! Angel from spain.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you have to realise that fundamentally people are lazy bastards. Just cause they aren't commenting doesn't mean they don't download the music or read everything you write, or check each day to see if anything new goes up (or tell their friends about the music/site)... I have only just discovered your site (just before christmas mix started) and have been very impressed by the quality. I download a LOT of music, and yet the Christmas mix has been getting a spin almost every day for the past week... Don't think cause people don't comment they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Hello !

From Marseille & in French:

Ton travail n'a pas été inutile. Tu as donné du bonheur à tous ceux qui sont passé ici et ils garderont ton souvenir attaché aux superbes mix que tu as réalisés.
C'est ça un blog : une bouteille à la mer ;)

Garde le sourire. La vraie vie est sympa aussi

Many many thanks for your post. I will be back with friends :D

take care

Anonymous said...

it's tough isn't it? the mixes and podcasts i've made have been labors of love and ultimately were done for my own enjoyment (so i don’t feel like i’m wasting my time even if nobody else is listening)... but when someone who has downloaded something i’ve done and enjoyed it takes a second to post a comment or email me it totally makes my day.

in the back of my mind it really bugs me, as it obviously does you, to think of all the people who 'consume' what i'm producing and never even drop a "thanks". it seems like the people who are most appreciative are the ones who are doing something similar and know how much work it is... like you. the occasional acknowledgment for such people is what keeps me going... even if it is the same people over and over, or the occasional faceless ‘anonymous’ comment.

i often think to myself that my blog is pointless. but when you think about the fact that there are 55 million plus blogs out there... it’s quite an accomplishment to have a good one like yours with a regular readership. i think you’ve just got to feed on the good vibes from the folks who are overtly appreciative... and recognize that there are many others who just don’t take the time to comment... and you shouldn’t let their selfishness or silence get you down.

here’s hoping you come back whenever you’ve got the motivation & time with some more wicked tunes. happy holidays and all that jazz. peace.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I am 100% in agreement with you over the issue, and can totally understand your decision and the frustration that led to it.
All I can suggest is that you take time out and see how you feel in the coming months. I will miss your efforts which I found to be a breath of fresh air in the fairly barren world of reggae blogs.
Most important thing ? - keep reggae music in your heart.
Til the next time.....Thanks!


Dave said...

Hey --- I just spent over an hour navigating links from a dozen or so audioblogs trying to find a SINGLE blogger with some love and scholarship for Jamaican music. I'm trying to educate myself about early reggae, ska, and rock steady--something I dig but have so little background in that I don't know where to start. Thanks for your work and sorry I came to your blog at the 11th hour.

Best wishes,

Dave in Far Northern CA

Anonymous said...


I will miss this blog alot. I was actually pretty excited when I discovered this blog and noticed you were from MD. I'm glad you came out to one of our Soundclash's and DJed. I hope we can work together sometime soon. As a fellow blogger/podcaster putting together this high quality of a blog can be overhwhelming especially during the holiday season. Hopefully when you are done with the holidays you will miss it enough to come back.

Bob Bobson

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful blog and it's very much appreciated .I often read your blog and one day i thought somebody used your mixes for another reggae site and i informed you but luckily it was you who posted it .I understand that you are fed up ,people don't always say thx only when it's not there anymore then it's missed .Like myself i give training in sports for free and it's so normal but the appreciation is poor you should think but honestly it isn't because it's a modern and educated thing ,people are used to so many things that a thank you is too often forgotten .Back to the educatution roots i should say and give more thx and praises.
My blog is just a try out and in comparison with yours it's very poor
I wish you merry xmas and a happy new year

Anonymous said...

Hi John, merry xmas! I really enjoyed your mixes! Sorry I didn't leave a comment earlier.
- Jamaican music lover.

Anonymous said...

well you have read the reviews its your judgement call and as one who has listened and commented for the pst year its another nail in the (halloween coffin) for this festive period when everyone just gets vexed. Whatever happened to peace love and harmony. Society has taught us to take it now sod the manners.
Where does this take you, well look at the stats 55 million pages of diatribe and possible 20 worth reading.
Life is an education (i have just come home from a party where the guy has been given 2 months left on the planet aged 43!!!) You have to live for now, think about the knowledge you have passed on that will be passed on to generations. If you didnt do it with passion and well thought out vocabularily where is the rastafarian faith to goin the future.
For now peace mate. (your 1st division and you know it)
gary alias pace

Anonymous said...

First of all, I TOTALLY respect your reasoning behing stopping this blog. I fear most of the people are like myself: apathetic, but LOVE reading your posts and downloading the tunes. I am ashamed to say, it never dawned on me to post a thank you or feedback, and that is my own fault. Because of this, I want to thank you for slapping me upside the head (in a GOOD way) and making me realize that not only great posts like yours, but the internet as a whole, is a community and feedback/contributions/involvement really do matter. Your comment about 'robots' really hit home. Thanks for all the posts and music. And thanks for waking me up to something important.


brent said...


i must apologize. i am definitely one of those faceless anonymous downloaders without a voice, until now.

someone else summed it up perfectly in their comment: there just aren't many good blogs out there AT ALL. your knowledge, love and experience with reggae (not to mention your obviously extensive collection) are the beauty of the blog. yes you can keep them to yourself, but please continue to spread the vibes to the next generation of skankers and rockers.

although i'm not a blogger myself, your blog is one of very few which i consider an inspiration and motivation to get involved and share my love for the music. i visit daily and get excited when i see a new post. for the record, your halloween mix was crrrraaaaazzzy off the hook! i played it beginning to end and a chilled out gathering, and it was the smash of the party. the xmas one is following suit.

i just want to say, as a fan of reggae music, please don't go! i don't know how else to put it. you will be sorely missed.



xvion said...




Reggaexx said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! Last week I was pretty intent on shutting this whole thing down for good but after reading your notes and words of encouragement I've come to realize that there are those who appreciate and enjoy what I've been doing. So... I'm still going to take a vacation away from Distinctly Jamaican Sounds but don't worry I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I find this blog one week ago, and i think is fantastic, with many things to learn about the music from Jamaica.
But the more important thing is that you do it with your heart.

I link your blog, and thank you for all your great work!!!

RadioJonD said...

Wow! Jamaican Christmas Mix is way cool! I found this site from only today.

I'm sorry that you have to back away, Regaexx, but I understand. I will be hitting the archives for awhile in the months to come.

Anonymous said...

Do this for yourself, but don't do it for others or to get reaction from others, if you need feedback start a forum somewhere.
I hope you find lust for yourself to continue, lot's of fun wished!!

annukka said...

ooooh noooo, don't disappear! We love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for that cool stuff !!