Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Halloween In March? Why The Hell Not?!

There's this odd phenomenon in the States and possibly elsewhere in the world where Yuletide Fanatics have been known to celebrate Christmas in July; they pull out all the Christmas tunes, maybe sip a cup or 2 of eggnog and begin the 6 month countdown to the real holiday. And though I'm not one to criticize people and their idiosyncrasies I know that personally after being flooded with two whole months of jolly Christmas tunes I'm always more than happy to put that stuff away for another 10-11 months. I actually like to hide it away where I don't even see it again until next November.

But what about Halloween? As you can tell by the fiendish posting way back in October I'm a huge fan of Halloween and its spooky vibes, so when it was suggested by some "Halloween" bloggers that they were gonna pull out the creepy tunes to celebrate Halloween in March, I couldn't resist joining in! for your pre-Easter listening pleasure is the exclusive Halloween mix I posted on October 31st and only made available for 24 hours. It's only 22 minutes long but it'll help put you in the mood... for dying Easter eggs! Mwuhahahahahahaha!


Oh - The King Tubby Tribute To The Speaker Box Mix is in the works as we speak - I've fallen behind this week because of the complications of real life but I promise, you'll be able to check it out very soon!

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