Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Celebration Of Summer

Summer officially arrives in this neck of the woods at 2:06 PM today and I for one couldn't be happier! Some of my most treasured moments in life center around this four month stretch of seemingly non-stop heat and humidity and I actually find myself counting down the days until it officially arrives. I often get this unrelenting urge to dance nude around a gigantic bonfire fueled by my burning snow shovel, gloves, scarves, boots and winter hats... after a couple libations of course. Next, as a sacrifice to the Summer Solstice, I plan to pulverize my car's windshield ice scraper with the biggest boulder I can lift. The blissful destruction would continue as I would roam the roads and byways searching for any of those unsuspecting metal road signs you often see near bridges warning that "Bridges Ice Before Roadway" and I would beat them off their posts and into chunks of recyclable metal chunks resembling wadded sheets of paper... but I usually wise up. For one, no one would appreciate or enjoy seeing me in the nude dancing around a fire in broad daylight, next I remember that all those winter articles will again come in handy and finally that the police don't look too kindly to destroying public property. Oh well, it sounded good in theory. Maybe I'll just fling the snow shovel into the shed with some brute force in celebration.

I'm happy to provide this 22 track Summer mix of Jamaican music to heighten your enjoyment of this festive season! No fancy effects or intricate mixing - just a bunch of (mostly) light hearted tunes I hope you'll enjoy! Here's wishing it brings you good vibes and puts a smile on your face whenever you give it a listen. It makes for great listening at the family cook-out whether the menu includes hotdogs and hamburgers or jerk chicken and rice and peas. It'll even work at your pool party whether you have a fancy inground pool complete with diving board or a galvanized tub complete with plastic tugboat and garden hose.


1. Rupie Edwards - Here Comes The Sun
2. The Aggrovators - Sun Is Shining Dub
3. Bob Andy - The Sun Shines For Me
4. Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites - Sunshine
5. Honey Boy - Theme For A Summer Place
6. David Isaac - Place In The Sun
7. The Clarendonians - Sunshine
8. Gregory Isaacs - Private Beach Party
9. Lord Tanamo - Dash Of The Sunshine
10. Winston Groovy - In The Summertime
11. Pat Kelly - Summer Time
12. Scientist - Sunshine Version
13. The Paragons - On The Beach
14. Cornell Campbell - The Sun
15. Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites - Summertime
16. The Melodians - Bless The Sunshine
17. Leon Wint - Sunbeam Rock
18. Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys - Summer Place
19. Dotty & Bonny - Sun Rises
20. Jackie Mittoo - Summer Breeze
21. Delroy Wilson - Sun Is Shining
22. The Jivers - Down On The Beach

Download here!


pvc said...

thanks 4 this comp,it's been raining here 4 2 days,and this 'll brighten me up big time!!!

Marion said...

damn, your blog is AWESOME!
really good informations and great great music. love the mixes! thanks for that : )
greets from germany!

ackafella said...

Big up from Russia. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. One Love.