Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Strictly Rub-A-Dub Mix 2... To Keep You Rockin' And Swing!

I know it's been a long time in coming but today I am proud to present for your listening, and if you're so inclined, dancing pleasure, the Strictly Rub-A-Dub Mix Volume Two. And like I said with the first mix, the 40 songs will speak for themselves! I received some positive comments about the first one and I hope this second installment doesn't disappoint. Just keep in mind I'm really not an MC or DJ (whichever term you prefer depending on where you're from I guess) I just play one here.

Here's the tracklisting...

1. Morwells – Keep It In The Family
2. Nicodemus – Keep It In Your Family
3. Frankie Paul – Baby Come Home
4. Peter Metro – Better She Gwan
5. Charlie Chaplin – Unfair
6. Yellowman – Better She Ga Lang
7. Frankie Paul – Worries In The Dance
8. Nicodemus – Bubble Nicodemus Bubble
9. Yellowman – I’m Getting Married
10. Yellowman – Getting Divorced
11. Don Carlos – I’m Not Crazy
12. Toyan – Spar With Me
13. Clarence Parks - Gun Man
14. Welton Irie – Put It Down
15. Al Campbell – Bad Boy
16. Simple Simon – Revolution Fighters
17. Sugar Minott – Have You Ever Found A Love
18. Barry Brown – Shoot Up
19. Don Carlos – Mr. Big Man
20. Wailing Souls – Things & Time
21. Charlie Chaplin – Tribute To Marvin Gaye
22. Captain Sinbad – Construction Plan
23. Jimmy Riley – Love & Devotion
24. General Echo – Drunken Master
25. Wayne Jarrett – Chip In
26. Michigan & Smiley – Downpression
27. Peter Metro – Water Jelly
28. Lee Van CleefBam Salute
29. YellowmanBam Bam
30. Leroy Smart – She Love It In The Morning
31. Half Pint – Winsome
32. Lone Ranger – Tom Drunk
33. Yellowman & Peter Metro – The Girl Is Mine
34. Little John – Spin You Roll
35. Sister Nancy – Chalice
36. Josey Wales – It A Fi Burn
37. YellowmanJah Mek Us Fe A Purpose
38. Toyan – It Have Fi Light
39. Charlie Chaplin – Chalice
40. Yellowman - Sensemilla

Strictly Rub-A-Dub Mix 2


Anonymous said...

Once again a fine mix and a good post too. I'm feelin you brother.
-Fyah I

*SKIP* said...

Thanks for making these. You're the only reggae blogger I know that does anything on a quality level.

I post um tunes and dubplates from time to time myself, but I'm sure you have a lot of them yourself and then some.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Jah Cure? The great hope of roots or a pretender?
Fyah I

Reggaexx said...

Thanks for the kind words! Fyah I, I only know Jah Cure by name so I really don't have an opinion. I know there are a lot of cultural artists out right now that I have yet to give a serious listen... I should be ashamed of myself! :-)

Anonymous said...

had ur first mix which was good this one is even better much props to you . hopefully u do another one :)

Anonymous said...

i love your blog... been listening for hours...

mighty diamonds mix is [pure bliss.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Jah Cure is one of the newer conscious singers. He was just released from prison after serving nine years for a rape he said he didn't commit. I with you on the classic 70s and earlier. I have no use for electronic beats.
Thanks for all you do.
-Fyah I

Anonymous said...

BTW, I apologize for assuming you are a guy.

Reggaexx said...

Thanks for all the comments - glad it's being enjoyed!

Anonymous - you assumed correctly, I am a guy. :)


GREAT stuff man!!!

Anonymous said...

The person who assumed you were a guy is me, Fyah I. You got a deep and rich collection it seems but if you are ever looking for something I'd be glad to help out.

Reggaexx said...

Thanks Fyah - I might take you up on the offer some day! :)

CP said...

See you Sunday?

3 Ja Indy Day stories:

Independence Sunday Market: An All-Day Jamaican Festival

Bob Andy

Ambassador Shirley

Reggaexx said...

CP - definitely! I wouldn't miss an opportunity to see Bob Andy!

Anonymous said...

Perfect Combination 2,Love the mixes, God Bless
Shodz - Kilburn,England

willyguttz said...

Killer selections. The first two tracks have always been my mixdown favorite. The Bingy Bunny Me & Jane LP alongside the Nicodemus Gunman Connection LP...or the 12" discomix singles.

I can tell by the must have had fun mixing these killer tracks together.

You should put a PayPal Donate Gif on this blog as you shouldthis hard work...
This mixdown sounds like a one week 'no sleeper'.

nuff respect.
exellent selection as always.

Just curious?...
How many times did you rework the selection to fit the vibe you were feeling?...Or did you just have a selection previously planned out...maybe stacks that didnt make it to the first mixdown?

Reggaexx said...

Thanks for asking Willy... both the rub-a-dub mixes I did were the two most time intensive projects I ever tackled here... I planned ahead of time by separating which songs I wanted to play and organized them by riddims, then I spent about a week ahead of time just listening to the music by putting everything in an organized playlist on my Ipod and after some tweeking with riddim and song order I got to work on mixing. I tend to do a lot of organizing and reorganizing before I can settle on a final playlist...