Friday, June 27, 2008

An Evening With Reggaexx

Hey all, I know this is kinda short notice but I forgot to mention this earlier. Tomorrow, Saturday June 28th at 8PM GMT, be sure to tune into Springline Jamaica on Live 365, to spend an evening (or afternoon depending on whatever part of the world you're in) with me. I've prepared 5, 45 minute sets of music for your listening pleasure covering a lot of the subgenres in Jamaican music... dub poetry, ska, rocksteady, roots, rub-a-dub, early digital dancehall, etc. as well as a small tribute to women in Jamaican music and a tribute to the "foundation DJs" - there's bound to be something you like!

Thanks goes to the Springline Crew for giving me another opportunity to "play out," so to speak!

Sad news... Springline Jamaica is no longer... my sets were actually the last to air before they closed up shop unexpectedly. I'd like to thank Gibsy, Moni, Pace, Uncle Fee and all the rest of the crew for making my time spent there very rewarding and enjoyable!

I have decided to post the complete sets from Saturday's show so that those who didn't give it a listen will have a chance to dig 'em... these are not really mixes as much as they are complete 45 minute radio shows complete with bumpers and my voice (which I can't stand hearing when played back) Give 'em a listen!

Set One - Rub-A-Dub, Roots, Studio One
Set Two - Dub Poetry, Ska, Late 80's Dancehall
Set Three - Tribute To Women In Jamaican Music - Roots, Rub-A-Dub & Dancehall
Set Four - Tribute To The Foundation DJs - A veritable who's who of 70's DJ style
Set Five - Rootsy, Rub-A-Dub, Rocksteady


Waskrijt said...

just on time (i guess) to catch the 15 minutes of your final set. I really like your diverse selections and i never can get enough of that ali baba tune.

though i have to admit i cant get in to the last 'summer' mix.

but keep it up.

Waskrijt said...

lucky me, it began at set 1 again

Reggaexx said...

Glad you enjoyed it... I was a little dismayed to hear that my sets were the last ever for Springline Jamaica. I really loved doing stuff for them and felt like it was a good outlet besides the blog and I was disappointed and saddened that Springline had to come to an end.

Sorry you didn't dig the Summer mix... I warned everyone ahead of time that it was like nothing I had ever put together for Distinctly Jamaican Sounds and it strayed off the late 50's - mid 80's path I usually travel here... no worries, I appreciate your feedback!

More familiar distinctively Jamaican music coming soon! I promise! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all for a year we did our dammed best to break down a few barriers and i think we succeeded . It took a great deal of time and effort on our behalf's and it was always a pleasure to deal with artists like reggaexx.
Who cork the dance with jayman and andrew will continue simply because of the solid idea and material.

Myself Moni and Fee will venture into something new at some point in true original super stylie and you can be sure that john will be asked.

One love everyone



What happened to Springline? Why did it come to an end? Andrew & Jayman had some great vibes....