Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Volcano Version Excursion Part 2

Yes, I've got another "Volcano Version Excursion" and I hope you want to come along with I & I. I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and ripped 12 more assuredly Roots Radics/assumed Scientist mixed B-sides from assorted Volcano, Arrival and Jah Guidance singles and spliced them together into a nicely packaged mix that I'm hoping you'll enjoy. I've put a little more effort into this excursion by weaving in vocal samples from the A-sides so I hope you dig it.

I have also taken the liberty of giving the multitude of versions new titles so that you'll know from what record you're hearing the B-side from... I didn't want to get into identifying riddims because unfortunately I've got a lot on my plate at this time outside of music.

1. For Hire Version - Eek A Mouse - For Hire & Removal - Volcano 7"
2. Reach Out For Version - Jennifer Lara - Reach Out For Me - Volcano 7"
3. What Type Of Version - Michigan & Smiley - What Type Of World - Volcano 7"
4. Give A Little Version - Johnny Osbourne - Give A Little Love - Arrival 7"
5. Soldier Man Version - Don McCarlos (Carlos) - Soldier Man A Come - Volcano 7"
6. Mr. Chin Version - Yellowman - Mr. Chin - Volcano 7"
7. Rich Man Poor Version - Michael Prophet - Rich Man Poor Man - Volcano 7"
8. Coconut Version - Ringo - Coconut Woman - Volcano 7"
9. The Lover Version - Dennis Walks - The Lover - Jah Guidance 7"
10. Let Go Mi Version - Josie Wales - Let Go Mi Hand - Volcano 7"
11. Ishen Version - Wailing Souls - Ishen Tree - Jah Guidance 7"
12. 2 to 6 Version - Yellowman - 2 To 6 Supermix - Volcano 7"

Dig it! And please let me know what you think!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi :) I LOVED the first volcano version excursion mix.. great dub stuff :)

Is there any chance of ripping the WHOLE of each version b-side instead of mixing part of each one?

These are such great dubs, I would love to have the whole of each version.

If not, no problem... thank you so much for all the cool stuff you share :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other anonymous, but the mixes are great as well. I have never really heard much of this stuff and I've found it hard to get info on dub and b-sides like this.

I can't wait for another volcano mix. I've gotten at least 1 other person hooked on the first one.

Keep up the great work, I'm loving it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff.. thank you so much for sharing these classic dubs... very much appreciated :)





joey said...

You have impeccable taste in early dancehall. I have to agree, Junjo's productions with the Roots Radics are my most favorite. The tight bass lines are just a delight!

WillyGuttz said...

Killer selection.!!!
Is there a link to Version Excursion pt 1?

Reggaexx said...

Version Excursion Part 1 is here...


WillyGuttz said...

Thanks for the link..downloading now.
I think it's funny how you can catch some early Don Carlos productions labeled as Don McCarlos.

grooVemonzter said...

Roots Radics mixed by Scientist. Like your favorite ice cream with your favorite topping. Niceness. Thanks.