Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Your Honor, please I want a quick divorce!

Without saying anything specifically, this post and the accompanying mix should clue you in to what I've been going through over the course of the last year and perhaps better explain why I haven't been able to devote much time to the blog. But now that I've relocated and again have unrestricted access to my Mac and my music, things should be picking up around here from this point on!

I'm not going to bore anyone with my details so let's get to the music...

We start it off with the King Yellowman and his classic tune "Getting Divorce" from the 1982 Junjo Lawes produced album Just Cool on the Jah Guidance label.

Next up is the man Errol Brown and the appropriately titled tune "The Attorney" lifted from the album Pleasure Dub on the classic Treasure Isle imprint... a great album with Brown doing his dub interpretations of a bunch of Treasure Isle classic instrumentals.

Taking a step over to Studio One with a song called "Big Mistake" by the Bassies from the 1987 CD on the Heartbeat label Full Up: The Best Of Studio One Volume 2.

Dr. Alimantado gives us "Marriage License" from the 1981 Greensleeves LP Sons Of Thunder... "I wish that a marriage license was just like a drivers license, that expires every two years..." truer words have never been spoken!

Barrington Levy and Lui Lepki follow up the Good Doctor with the tune "Quick Divorce/Mek You Lie" taken from a 1980 12" on the Joe Gibbs label. A wicked set of tunes that obviously inspired this mix!

The vocal trio of Ansel Cridland, Danny Clarke and Winston Watson better known as the Meditations, give us "Marriage" taken from a 2003 Makasounds CD re-release of their 1978 album Guidance which was originally pressed on the Tad's label. Another fitting discussion of the subject matter at hand... "marriage is like a trap that's set for a rat."

Jah Thomas and the Roots Radics are up with a tune called "Lawyer Dub" borrowed from the 1999 Trojan CD Jah Thomas Meets The Roots Radics Dubbing. I added some audio from the 1940's radio show Suspense which deals with divorce and honestly really had little to do with my situation it just sounded cool hidden in the mix.

Dobby Dobson gives us his interpretation of the Burt Bacharach and the Drifters' 1961 tune "Mexican Divorce" and it comes from a 1978 anthology LP on the United Artists label called Oh God, Are You Satisfied.

The Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs is up next with the song "Mistake" and it comes from his 1980 album Showcase AKA Sly & Robbie Present Gregory Isaacs on the Taxi label... mine was from the 1988 RAS re-issue.

We wrap it up with the late South African reggae great Lucky Dube and his tune "Divorce Party" which comes from his 2003 CD The Other Side released on the Rounder label.

Enjoy... or check with your lawyer, sign here on this line and initial where specified, get three notarized copies, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope and get it in the mail by Thursday... then if you're lucky you might be able to get down to listening!



Wreck Room said...

Great mix, my best friend is going through a messy divorce right now, he will love this one.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you back...
thanks for turning me on to a whole new world of music..
keep up the vibes..
..all love.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies, sir, I hope everything is turning out for the best for you... I went through the same things myself around 11 years ago, and handled all the legal paperwork myself (no easy task in California, where you need to back THIS section with THIS color of paper, THAT section with THAT color paper, etc)... a nightmare that I am glad I survived and gained much freedom and peace of mind from.

Here's to your future and your continued happiness :)

Oh yeh.. and thanks for the great music you share.. always appreciated. :)

Michael said...

I am unable to download Juggling Junjo parts 2 and 3. Are they gone forever?

Waskrijt said...

Wish good luck!

Great mix. Highly appreciated. Also listened to your heptones mix again today, great stuff.

Reggaexx said...

Sorry Michael, I don't foresee me getting the opportunity to re-up anything in the near future... I'm busy trying to get another mix together before this weekend... stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


Michael said...

I've recently discovered your blog while googling for Junjo. Your mixes are the SHIZNIT - I've been listening to them every day at work. Can't wait to see what you come out with next. Best of luck with the dizzy.

Anonymous said...

didnt get your mac or studio one collection, wow you where lucky.

Good to see you coming across with a better spirit, it was also sad to lose steelie this month.

its good to talk