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Lincoln "Sugar" Minott 1956-2010

I just read the sad news about his passing... and instead of wasting a lot of time writing up a biography that no one will bother to read when scrolling to the download links, I'll just be a "Mr. Cut-and-Paste Google Boy" and post what I read in the Jamaica Observer this morning, Friday the 16th, a week after his passing. But I figured, instead of hiding behind the fact that I didn't have the breaking news first I decided to create a tribute to the man and his music. So, to the asshole who posted the rude comment, I've got some advise... instead of criticizing me for copying and pasting why not spend some time creating a tribute of you own. But really... if you're coming here for the latest news in reggae music you're on the wrong blog, this ain't fuckin' CNN! Better late than never I say... respect due to Sugar Minott! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

"Foundation reggae and dancehall artiste, Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott passed away Saturday night at the University Hospital of the West Indies in St Andrew.

According to Peter Burke, a close associate of the singer, Sugar Minott had complained of feeling ill on Saturday and was taken to the hospital where he died at minutes after 10 pm. "Sugar had a heart condition and it was about a year and a half ago that he got the first scare. He was in Canada at the time and I was with him. But as soon as the flutters subsided, Sugar was back to being his old self. That is just how he is," Burke told the Observer.

"This is just so sudden and unexpected. Sugar Minott has made a major contribution to the music business ... he was truly an icon and I am going to miss him tremendously," Burke said,

Sugar Minott, who was born Lincoln Barrington Minott on May 25, 1956, earned for himself the moniker Godfather of Dancehall. He is credited with being the pioneer, who, by laying vocal tracks over the original tapes from the '60's, rather than using a live band -- as was the norm in those days -- caused a revolution in the sound that brought a new style to Reggae music known as dancehall.

A prolific songwriter and singer, Sugar Minott is has over 60 albums and is known for such anthems as Herbsman Hustling, Mr DC, House is not a Home, No Vacancy, Good Thing Going and Never Gonna Give Up Jah.

The veteran singer also distinguished himself as a talent scout/producer and early on in his career established his Black Roots label, which led to the creation of a sound system and a company, Youthman Promotions, to give young artistes a "buss". Artistes such as Little John, Triston Palmer, Barry Brown, Tony Tuff, Junior Reid, Yami Bolo, Don Angelo, Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, Garnet Silk who did his first recording for the Black Roots label, Tony Rebel, Colorman, Daddy Freddie, Johnny Osbourne, Steve "Shalom" Harper are among those who passed through Youthman Promotions.

On hearing of his passing, singers Freddie McGregor, Johnny Osbourne and Leroy Sibbles reportedly volunteered to do a spontaneous tribute at the Rose Garden in Brooklyn New York, where Sugar was scheduled to perform last night. Minott also reportedly had gigs in California later this week including the popular Reggae on the River on July 18.

The Reggae music fraternity has been rocked by a number of deaths in recent months. Minott's death follows on the heels of IRIE FM founder Karl Young and Voicemail member O'Neil Edwards."

What you're going to hear...

1. Change Your Ways - At Studio One - Soul Jazz LP
2. Careless Ethiopians - The Roots Lover: 1978-1983 Compilation - Moll-Selekta CD
3. Walking Through The Ghetto - Down In A Tenement Yard Compilation - Trojan CD
4. Feel The Rydim - Power House Selector's Choice Vol.1 - North Parade CD
5. Cell Block One - Power House Selector's Choice Vol.4 - North Parade CD
6. Herbman Hustling - Herbman Hustling - Heartbeat LP
7. Hang On Natty - At Studio One - Soul Jazz LP
8. Sandy - The Roots Lover: 1978-1983 Compilation - Moll-Selekta CD
9. Buy Out The Bar - Power House Selector's Choice Vol.2 - North Parade CD
10. Sprinter Stayer - Strictly The Best Vol.12 - VP CD
11. Jam In The Streets - 1985 Master Mega Hits - Jammy's LP
12. Come On Home - At Studio One - Soul Jazz LP
13. Never Too Young - Trojan Lovers Rock Boxset - Trojan CD
14. A House Is Not A Home - Gumari 1 12"
15. Dance Hall Style - The Roots Lover: 1978-1983 Compilation - Moll-Selekta CD
16. Have You Ever Found A Love - Sufferer's Choice - Heartbeat LP
17. Ghetto-ology - Down In A Tenement Yard Compilation - Trojan CD
18. Give Me Jah Jah - At Studio One - Soul Jazz LP
19. Come Back Baby - Dancehall Showcase Vol.2 - Black Roots LP
20. Hold On - The Roots Lover: 1978-1983 Compilation - Moll-Selekta CD
21. Leave Dreadlocks Business - Sweeter Than Sugar - Sonic Sounds LP
22. Dancehall We Deh - Roots Dancehall Party - Silver Camel CD
23. Jah Jah Rule - Stalag 17, 18 & 19 - Techniques LP
24. Get It All Over - Sweeter Than Sugar - Sonic Sounds LP
25. In This Time - Rockers Vibration - Dread At The Controls LP
26. Jahovia - At Studio One - Soul Jazz LP
27. No Vacancy - The Roots Lover: 1978-1983 Compilation - Moll-Selekta CD
28. Devil Pickney - Taxi 7"
29. Uptown Girl - Bebo's Music 12"
30. Not For Sale - King Jammy's At Channel One - Jamaican Recordings CD
31. Stop Fight Rasta - Sweeter Than Sugar - Sonic Sounds LP
32. Too Much Backbiting - When The Dances Were Changing - Pressure Sounds CD
33. Playing Rub A Dub - Waterhouse Revisited - Hightone CD
34. Nah Follow Fashion - Power House Selector's Choice Vol.3 - North Parade CD
35. A True - Power House Selector's Choice Vol.2 - North Parade CD
36. Chatty Chatty Mouth - Power House Selector's Choice Vol.3 - North Parade CD
37. Dance Hall Business - Herbman Hustling - Heartbeat LP
38. Rosabelle - Sweeter Than Sugar - Sonic Sounds LP
39. Vanity - At Studio One - Soul Jazz LP
40. Oh Mr. D.C. - Best Of Studio One - Heartbeat CD

RIP Sugar Minott

I noticed that Garageband has a new option to compress files... and I'm not happy with the way it turned out. I'll repost a hi-fi version of the mix on Monday...

Have a great weekend,

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Ras*Israel said...

Thanks for the knowledge of & the love for this roots music you displayed here.

Nuff respekt fi de works, well done in good taste & spirit

Keep it up brother!

Greetings from the Macka I.

One Love & Righteousness Itinually.



Raggedy said...

I love what I've heard so far ... I'm still in the middle of listening.
Thanks for the mix.

stubbysfears said...

Keep on keepin' on. I love reading your blog. Sad to hear about Sugar Minott. Thanks for keeping the faith.

Steve the Healer said...

Thank you for the mix, much appreciated. I have been a big fan of Sugar Minott since seeing him perform in London, England in the early 80s - a man of great energy and charisma.

Many thanks for your interesting and fascinating blog, and for locating much new and old-treasured tracks.

Steve the Healer.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that you pay tribute the way you choose, when you choose to. Thank you for sharing this.

joey said...

Thank you for putting together a compilation that would make Mr. Minott proud :)

joey said...

Thank you for creating a compilation that would make Mr. Minott proud. Rest in peace sugar voice...

mickeyrose100 said...

r.i.p sugar minott the one song i really like was rosabelle,what a lovely sad song heee

Waskrijt said...

Sugar Minott rest in peace.

you will still upload the mix in better quality? I waited with listening to it.

"Mr. Cut-And-Paste Google Boy" said...

Thanks for reminding me... I knew there was something I forgot to do! I'll get right on it!

Anonymous said...

This is great, thank you so much.
- Astridur

Anonymous said...

This is very good, thank you so much.
- Astridur

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Here is the better quality version!