Friday, October 01, 2010

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2010 - Track One - Darkest Night

I can't believe I'm doing this again... but alas here we are in October and here we are with another Spooktacular. I have dug long and hard to uncover some more spooky Jamaican tunes for your listening pleasure and I hope they are well received. Initially I planned on presenting the Spooktacular in a different fashion this year but with the zero hour upon us I decided to just stick with the tried and true yet pain-in-the-ass-ingly labor intensive of doing a track a day. One tune will be posted for each weekday in October and once assembled in order you'll have the complete Halloween Spooktacular 2010. And if you don't feel like busying yourself with downloading individual track you can read along each day and wait until Saturday October 30th when I'll post the complete uncut mix for your downloading enjoyment.

We start off this year's Spooktacular with an introduction from the late Jean Shepherd... you know, the legendary radio raconteur that wrote In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, the book that served as the basis for the holiday classic A Christmas Story. The poem he reads is appropriately called "Halloween" and was written by Marnie Pomeroy and it sets the perfect mood!

The first tune we're gonna hear is a wicked instrumental called, "Darkest Night" by James Eastwood and it comes from a 10" on the Pressure Sounds label that was originally produced by Herman Chin Loy in 1972. A nice skanking reggae rhythm coupled with some sinister sounding fuzzy guitar, effectively brings to mind imagery of a dark night and all the things that go bump within. Unfortunately I can't find any information on James Eastwood... hopefully someone can fill us in.

"Darkest Night" by James Eastwood
Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2010 - Track One


Dane said...

Looking forward to the Shepherd poem!

Anonymous said...


Thanks (as always) for sharing.

Good to see you back in the saddle for another Halloween Countdown.

Looking forward to hearing what's in the 'Distinctly Jamaican' 2010 Spooktacular - hopefully the 'Non-Jamaican' Mix will also make a welcome return this year.


Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty exciting that you're taking the plunge again! Thanks & looking forward to hearing this round's songs!

tim said...

i can't wait, this mix sounds epic !!

Anonymous said...

Ok, just started listening to the tracks, and this is great - you always come up with the best songs!