Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well... I guess we've reached the end of the road...

According to Harold Camping, an 89 year-old former civil engineer and construction foreman, the Judgement Day will come this Saturday May 21st. Camping is now a U.S. evangelical Christian broadcaster, who previously made a prediction that Jesus Christ would return to earth in 1994, has encouraged his supporters to post 2,200 billboards across the country spreading his word.

Camping told Reuters; "We know without any shadow of a doubt it is going to happen."

His predictions are based upon his study of the bible and the time-line correlation between ancient and modern times. Camping says that earthquakes will begin on Saturday and true believers will be whisked away to heaven and the non-believers will be left behind to pick up the pieces of what's left.

Mr. Camping has already got his Saturday planned, he told Reuters;
"I'll probably try to be very near a TV or a radio or something," he said. "I'll be interested in what's happening on the other side of the world as this begins."

Now, regardless of whether I believe his Doomsday prediction or not, which I don't, this makes perfect topical subject matter for our next mix. I have pulled out a load of Armageddon and Judgement Day tunes and assembled them in one listener-friendly Rapture mix... this is what you're going to hear...

1. Brigadier Jerry - ArmaGiddeon Style - Jamaica Jamaica CD - RAS (1985)
2. The Maytones - Judgement Day - One Way LP - GG's (1979)
3. Gregory Isaacs - End Of The World - Looking Back CD - RAS (1996)
4. Roman Stewart - Fire At Your Heel - Faith 7" (1974)
5. Mikey Dread - Armageddon Style - Swalk CD - DATC
6. Johnny Clarke - Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn Them - Dreader Dread CD - Blood & Fire (1998)
7. Cornell Campbell - The Judgement Come - Wicked A Go Feel It CD - Trojan (1996)
8. King Tubby - Earthquake And Fire Dub - Foundation Of Dub CD - Trojan (2000)
9. Burning Spear - Weeping & Wailing - Creation Rebel CD - Heartbeat (2004)
10. Bunny Wailer - Amagideon - Blackheart Man LP - Island (1976)
11. Augustus Pablo - Revelation Time - Cultural Showcase CD - Rockers (1994)
12. Brimstone - Final Judgement - Grove Music 7" (197x)
13. Willie Williams - Armagideon Time - Best Of Studio One Vol. 2 CD - Heartbeat (2006)
14. Bob Andy - Hell A Go Broke Loose - Retrospective LP - Heartbeat (1987)
15. Trinity - Judgement Day - African Revolution CD - Jamaica Gold (1993)
16. Ranking Joe - Armageddon - Armageddon Time CD - M10 (2000)
17. Leroy Horsemouth Wallace - Armageddon Dub - Original Armageddon Dub CD - Stable One (1978)
18. Jah Stitch - Judgement - Original Ragga Muffin CD - Blood & Fire (1996)
19. General Echo - Armagedion - Rocking & Swing LP - Manzie (1979)
20. Sylford Walker - Burn Babylon - Joe Gibbs Revive 45's Vol. 1 CD - Rocky One (197x)
21. Barry Brown - Jah Jah Fire - Rastafari Box Set CD - Trojan (2002)
22. Prince Far I - What You Gonna Do On Judgement Day - The Golden Years 1977-83 CD - Cleopatra (2001)
23. Israel Vibration - Ball Of Fire - The Same Song CD - Pressure Sounds (2005)
24. Cultural Roots - Where You Gonna Run - Drift Away From Evil LP - Germain (1982)
25. Black Uhuru - Apocalypse - The Dub Factor LP - Mango (1983)

Doomsday Mix - Enjoy it while you still can! ;)


Anonymous said...

L.o.l.! Nice one, mate !

Blessings & Greetings


Anonymous said...

I hope you stuck in the live text of misty in roots.
"The judgement is to come"

Either way it was nice to know you.
See you on the dark side John



John AKA Reggaexx said...

Damn! There were so many "end of times" tunes to include I unfortunately missed Misty In Roots... oh well, there's always the next judgment day!

When we get to the dark side Pace let's get together for some drinks.

patti said...

you'll be missed, thanks for putting in the time, I suppose we can play this on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunage over the years.

And, is it wrong to suggest that when one of these types predicts the end of the world and it doesn't occur ... nice men from Langley show up the next day and make sure it's the end of the world for the one making the prediction? Bet it would cut down on the false alarms.

BTW, the world will end on July 1, 3535 ... hope to be here on July 2, 3535 to meet the nice men from Langley.

Anonymous said...

Awesome mix bro! We can save it for the next rapture prediction. Fools. Thanks for making our last day a musical pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I _would_ have spent my last hour listening to the music, but I figured I could always get it today. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

awesome compilation... but you should have included the classic 1977 song "Two Sevens Clash" by Culture.

that was the year that many Rastas (or was it one particular branch of Rastas?? I forget) believed that when the "two sevens clashed" (19-77 happened), that the end of the world would come..

and of course, they were wrong LOL but what a killer song that is :)

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Originally I had Two Sevens Clash in the playlist but it was one of a few that didn't make it in the mix