Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Mix 2011 - Good News & Bad News

I've got some good news and I've got some bad news... with the holiday season upon us again, I have started the long and arduous process of compiling the 25 tracks to make it into this year's Christmas mix...

The good news is, aside from one record that I'm still waiting to arrive in the mail, the playlist is complete.

The bad news is, this is definitely going to be the last year for the 25 track Christmas extravaganzas... Including the upcoming 2011 Mix, I've dug up and compiled 150 songs but it now looks like the well has run dry... I have dug, scratched, clawed and scoured for decent tunes but alas I have exhausted my resources.

Now that's not saying that I couldn't put together a 25 track mix of crap reggae Christmas music from a multitude of artists, mostly from the digital age, but I don't want to sully the "good years" by just keeping this going for ol' times sake and making this thing utterly unlistenable... I want to finish on a high note here!

Future Christmas projects will require a rehash of Christmases past... a remix of some of the top tunes from previous years with an occasional addition of something "new" that I haven't shared before... when and if they should appear.

But anyway, stay tuned... the 2011 Christmas Mix is coming soon to make your spirits bright!


Charlie said...

I've loved the other mixes and I second your motion to go out on a high note. Thanks for the great tunes.

The Blue Carbuncle said...

I always look forward to your holiday mixes and appreciate the time and effort you expend on our behalf.

If you're taking poll numbers, I vote for an annual rehash if you're willing and in the mood. I think you might be able to squeeze out a few more seasons now you have a pool of ~150 tunes. Playlists that have a more natural flow and/or linkages and/or themes may present themselves now that weren't available your first few seasons with a much more limited selection. And spicing them up with a new tune or two a year that you come across just keeps piling on the goodness.

But whatever you decide will be fine by me, even if you don't post a mixmas again, you've already enhanced the last few seasons for so many you've earned a spot on Santa's permanent good kids list.

Seasons Best to You & Yours!

Stubby said...

Your mixes have been the stuff of genius. I have one of your older ones (2007 or 2008) that I've always used since for my tree decorating soundtrack.

Whatever you choose to do will be the proper call. No doubt.

That said, thank you for your fabulous efforts to date and thank you in advance for what I'm sure will be another masterpiece this year.

GrasOne said...

Jest! Doczekałem się, uwielbiam słuchać Twoich mixów =]
It is! I have experienced, I love to listen to your mixes =]

chatychaty said...

hank you for your very professional services and for the wonderful atmosphere..................

Anonymous said...

Well run dry? you gotta be kidding man!!
RastaClaus85 has over 400 reggae christmas songs, and ok there are a few cheesy numbers and some that are sub-standered but there's a wealth of really great reggae tracks there!!
Top Reggae Legends too!!
check it out:
Awesome channel and a must every Christmas season : )

John AKA Reggaexx said...

RastaClaus... I have admired your continued efforts in presenting reggae Christmas tunes and I check out your vids on a regular basis during this time of year... that being said, aside from a few pricey records from the ska and early reggae eras and the occasional decent "newer" tune that pops up, I am personally proclaiming the well has run dry for me. Years ago when I first started my blog I made it clear that I found the vast majority of reggae Christmas music intolerable and I have a ton which falls into that category... i.e. anything recorded by John Holt and the horrid Yellowman Christmas album come to mind... they just don't fit with the vibe I'm trying to capture. No offense...

G said...

Just found this blog today and landed on the Christmas Mixes. NUFF NICENESS you a bring to InI yrd this Holiday. If this is the last mix then you should BIG UP YOURSELF for all the niceness this far, Is a A1 blog dis!!!


Rasta Claus said...

Hello John,
Just read your comment, and many thanks for stopping by my channel :)
I can also understand your points concerning songs of a particular standard :)
I have "bigged you up" many times for providing me with some great additions to my selection.
I hope this year you may slip us a few more from the "black roots xmas l.p" and a few others from those rare hard to find records I have trouble tracking down :)
Many thanks again and keep up the great work,
Merry Reggae Christmas,

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Rasta Claus, there are some nice ones coming up this year... as for the Merry Christmas From Black Roots LP, I have used every decent song on the album. I was listening to the album a few weeks back when I first started putting together the playlist and have found that the majority of the b-side are non-Christmas, filler tunes that wouldn't work... the Sister Esther, Freddy Waite & Musical Youth, Trevor Hartley and the Gaylads tunes are not Christmas songs, unfortunately.

Harmen said...

thx for all those x-mass mixes all those years

Crabby said...

WOW!!! Man, your Christmas mixes are astoundingly good. We are playing all of them over and over. Thank you for all your hard work and research.
Too bad the well has run dry, but I agree that this classic older music is the best.