Monday, November 04, 2013

Coming Soon!

In an effort to revive Distinctly Jamaican Sounds as more than just a Halloween and Christmas music sharing site, I have decided to rekindle my love of blogging about Jamaican music on a more regular basis!  My first foray into getting this baby rollin' again will be a mix that is long-since overdue - my George Phang/Power House Megamix!  I started working on it this weekend and anticipate that it will be up and running later this week - there are a lot of great songs and riddims I want to touch on so it's a lot more involved than I originally anticipated!  So stay tuned - it should be a pretty cool mix!


Waskrijt said...

Glad to see you back more often. And thanks again for the Halloween mix.

edison61 said...

Looking forward to checking out some ongoing posts....good luck!

Christofari/Duppy Hi-Fi said...

Great news, John.
Always hungry for more of your premium delicacies.
Let me add my thanks for all your hard work so far. You truly excelled yourself with this year's Halloween mix, with all the notes and art.

Your blog is incomparably special. Maximum respect!