Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Junior Murvin Tribute

Putting together this mix brought tears to my eyes... it had been a while since I really listened to Junior Murvin's music, sure I would hear a few of his tunes scattered in throughout the week on the ipod in the car but this time I really listened.  Junior Murvin had amazing songwriting skills and the power and conviction in his lyrics, mostly delivered in that soothing trademark falsetto, really exemplify why reggae is so beautiful.  You can feel the genuine, heartfelt, true soul of the man in his music and it is a wonderful thing because Junior Murvin had things to say and they were all from the heart.  God bless Junior Murvin and may he rest in peace, he was a true legend.

This is what you're going to hear...

1.  Cool Out Son - Heavy Duty 7"
2.  Roots Train w/Dillinger - Arkology CD Set - Island
3.  Cross Over - Build The Ark LP Set - Trojan
4.  Solomon - Police And Thieves CD - Island
5.  Closer Together - Arkology CD Set - Island
6.  Strikes And Demonstrations - Muggers In The Street LP - Greensleeves
7.  Man Is The Fire - Bad Man Posse LP - Dread At The Controls
8.  Jah Took Six Days - Apartheid LP - Greensleeves
9.  Police And Thieves - Volcano Super Hits CD - Sonic Sounds
10.  Give Me Your Love - Darker Than Blue CD - Blood & Fire
11.  I Was Appointed - Police And Thieves CD - Island
12.  Magic Touch - Dawning of a New Era CD - Trojan
13.  Bad Weed - Upsetters 12"
14.  Rescue Jah Children - Police And Thieves CD - Island
15.  False Teachings - Produced And Directed By The Upsetter CD - Pressure Sounds


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Sad news, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Sad news, indeed! Thank you..

Peter Stride said...

thanks very much on this sad occasion.
yet another reggae great taken from us.
r.i.p. junior

Waskrijt said...

Sad news! While Police & Thieves is one of my favourite albums, I don't really know his other music so thanks for the mix.

Anonymous said...

Hi john hope you are well, many thanks for this.