Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Hopeton Lewis Tribute (1947-2014)

I was remiss in not taking action on this tribute sooner but as I mentioned in the midst of last month's festivities that I was going to make this right and I have kept my word.

Hopeton Lewis played a huge part in the history of Jamaican music... at 19 he recorded one of the earliest rocksteady hits, "Take It Easy" with Lynn Taitt & The Jets, as well as the distinction of being the first artist to ever record a ganja tune, "Cool Cool Collie" is considered the first tune of its type ever recorded in Jamaica.  He went on to work for the legendary Duke Reid as a backing vocalist and arranger - winning the 1970 Festival Song title with his tune "Boom Shaka Lacka."  Not long after, he became the singer for Byron Lee & The Dragonaires and had a big hit with "Grooving Out On Life" in 1971.  Hopeton continued recording into the reggae era but soon his attention turned to religious music in the 1980's when he began producing an assortment of gospel albums.  Hopeton Lewis lived in Brooklyn New York and for the last 5 years he hosted a Christian music program on a community radio station, three times a week before his passing on September 4th. 

I really enjoyed putting this tribute mix together and it was a real eye-opening experience for a guy who has had a nearly 30 year passion for Jamaican music but never really took the time to appreciate Hopeton Lewis' talent!  I have been missing out on some great music and for those of you who are also not very familiar with Hopeton Lewis, I really think you're going to love what you hear!

Here's what I've got lined up...

1.  Sound & Pressure
2.  At The Corner Of The Street
3.  On The Right Track w/Phyllis Dillon
4.  Grooving Out On Life
5.  This Music Got Soul
6.  Deh Pon Dem
7.  Tom Drunk w/U-Roy
8.  Skinny Leg Girl w/Glen Brown
9.  Rocksteady
10.  Let Me Come On Home
11.  Cool Cool Collie
12.  Take It Easy
13.  Rock A Shacka
14.  Judgement Day
15.  Boom Shaka Lacka
16.  This Poor Boy
17.  Don't Cry
18.  Let The Little Girl Dance
19.  Hard Ship Of Life
20.  Story Book Children


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Anonymous said...

Will listen to this mix's of yours.
Another killer Hopeton Lewis track was "Black man beware + version"
Keep up the one love ... shods