Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Cold War Reggae

This is the first part of what I think may be a pretty involved theme mix... something along the lines of the yearly Halloween Spooktacular, full of sound effects, soundbites, etc.

For the last month, I have been watching a 24 part series on the history of the Cold War, so the subject matter has been on my mind... so the other day I was in the car and up popped the Scientist track and I immediately got inspired... The track, "Dangerous Match 1" track, taken from Scientist's 1982 Greensleeves LP Scientist Wins The World Cup, has such an ominous and evil sound to it that it inspired me to start putting this together. The Clint Eastwood & General Saint "Can't Take Another World War" is haunting and absolutely perfect in grimly conveying the mood that Scientist laid down!

This mix will give me the opportunity to throw in a bunch of "cold war era" audio clips that have been littering my hard drives for years.

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Michael Foley said...

This is SO COOL. I'd love a whole mix of this.