Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sister Nancy Pon The Mike

I usually don't post on weekends but I saw a request for some Sister Nancy and have decided to answer the call. Sister Nancy has the distinction of being the first female DJ on my blog and now she has the distinction of being the first artist who I'm revisiting. If you want to read a little background on Nancy be sure to look up my previous posting - if not scroll down to the link below for 3 tunes which I've put up for your listening pleasure! I do have the one album she released "One Two" but I have never ripped it to MP3 - hopefully I'll get around to it one day! In the meantime enjoy a couple singles straight from good ol' Jamaican vinyl!

Sister Nancy.Zip


HEARWAX said...

sorry - link is :

Reggaexx said...

Hearwax you rule!! I've been meaning to buy this album for years and have never been able to track it down! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

i said...

hey REGGAEXX, thanks for the link. will return the favor (i really dig your blog). i noticed the 'from the 50s until the mid 80s' in your header... just wondering what you mean by that? i agree that that was the golden era, of course (esp. the mid to late 70s in my opinion,) but feel that there is some pretty unbelievable stuff still going on in the caribbean, and wondered if you're into it. i'm specifically talking about midnite (from st. croix.) i'll put some more of their stuff up on my page in the near future... in the meantime there is this post i did a bit ago (
let me know what you think if you weren't already privy. & see 'em live if you can... they tour like mad and they're amazing.

b.t.w. HEARWAX - you just revealed the source of blackmagicplastic's name by putting up 'time boom...' good on ya. also the sample at the beginning of my 1st podcast...

peace to you both.

i said...

whoops. that address was too long and goes right off the edge of the column (on my browser at least.) the end is:



Reggaexx said...

Hey "i" - I've been enjoying your blog as well and was happy to add it to my links - I really appreciate you doing the same!

When I mention in the header that I'm into Jamaican music from the 50's until the mid-80's I mean from mento up until the advent of electronic riddims around 1986-1987. Don't get me wrong there have been quite a few decent roots releases and a hefty stack of nice dancehall tracks released in the eras after '86/'87 but I stopped buying "new" records around 1993 and started stocking my record collection with older and older Jamaican music all the way back to mento. As far as listening to music from other areas of the Caribbean... I can safely say the only other non-Jamaican "island music" I have is from the Afro Cuban All-Stars (which is closer to jazz than anything from JA). I can also safely say that I have tried and do not like soca or "reggaeton". But if Midnite isn't soca or reggaeton I'd be more than happy to take a listen - thanks for the link!

i said...

i agree about soca and reggaeton. bleh. i put up a few more midnite songs on my page... give 'em a whirl. i've got mixed feelings about fronting a whole album (esp. of an up and coming band) so i just put up a few tracks. hope you enjoy. maybe'll put up a second installment later this week. peace.