Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"A No Any Man Can Test Nancy" - Sister Nancy Part 2

In conjunction with Schrikdraad I am presenting a few more Sister Nancy tracks in an attempt to give the woman the respect she's due... Enjoy!

The first three tracks are from the 1982 Heartbeat releases, "A Dee-Jay Explosion Inna Dancehall Style" and "Special Request And A Popular Demand." The first two tracks are "Chalice A Fe Burn" and "Boom Chaka Laka" from the first album... the third is from Part 2 of the series, a tune we all know well "One,Two" with Lee Van Cleef.

Following that, I'm reintroducing "Papa Dean" on the Techniques label, "King & Queen" with Yellowman on Amco, "Can't Test Nancy" on the old style GG's Volcano label but oddly enough produced by Junjo Lawes. The seventh track is "Bang Belly" from the awesome Greensleeves release "The Yellow, The Purple, The Nancy." Finally, I've thrown in another track for good measure... this one is a little more digital but it's a single called "Spread Rumour" on the Jah Life label and Nancy is going by the title Muma instead of Sister. Take note of the lyrical content of this record - it's pretty sad that she had to defend herself from such an awful rumour in the first place.

I couldn't find an image online for "Special Request..." I don't have time to take pics and besides that I can't find my original vinyl copy, damn!

Sister Nancy Part 2.Zip


head honcho said...

Here's another single from sister Nancy, produced by king Jammy:

Reggaexx said...

Can't wait to hear that one! I also wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for the false-start in "Can't Test Nancy" -I don't know how the hell I missed that when I was editing the tracks! I'll remedy that situation at my earliest convenience! Enjoy!

HEARWAX said...

Thanks for your herculian efforts on S. Nancy - they are greatly appreciated!