Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2008 Track 11 - 2 Bad DJ Versus 2 Bad Duppy

After yesterday's epic I'm going to go short and sweet today... I hope you don't mind. The eleventh track in our Halloween Spooktacular, "Two Bad DJ" is from the two guys you see on the right... don't mind the ghost. I'll now go the lazy route and quote from this very blog from October 27th 2005...

"Jamaican born Clint Eastwood had a few solo successes with British reggae fans in the late 70’s when he teamed up with London’s Front Line International DJ General Saint. The duo became instrumental in introducing Jamaican DJ Style to a wider pop audience and this track should prove why… "

One would assume that this would be the title track from the duo's 1981 Greensleeves LP Two Bad D.J. but in fact, you'd be wrong. This tune was the B-side to their massive "Tribute To General Echo" which was also released on Greensleeves as a 12" the same year. The track was eventually included on the CD remaster of the same album years later and it's a good thing because this song is absolutely wicked! Besides with Henry "Junjo" Lawes at the helm it's got to be good. But you should probably take that with a grain of salt because, you long-time readers may already be aware that I'm extremely biased toward anything Junjo had his hands in! Besides with Barnabas doing the engineering at either Channel One or King Tubby's (neither is specified specifically) you know it's got to be top-notch!

"Two Bad D.J." should have been entitled "Two Bad Duppy" because it recounts an encounter with two duppies in a cemetery, complete with their trademark nasally duppy voices, and then leads into a super smooth dub version that was positively ripe for embellishments, as you'll soon hear. Underneath the tune is the cut "Nightmare Of Lost Souls" from my all-time favorite kiddie Halloween record, Sounds Of Terror! released on the Pickwick label in 1974. Enjoy!

Track 11 - NEW LINK

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Anonymous said...

You the best killa chicken in town ...keep listening reggae music ! Respect from Paris
I'm waiting everyday for your Halloween selection...

gelliddewi said...

I am so enjoying this series and the odd bits my kids hear are increasing their sense of mortal dread so much more than my financial doom'n'gloom rants.

bunnyboy said...

looking forward to this greatly.

love the repost of last years non-jamaican version.

will be shipping this off to the daughter at university as soon as I get it all.