Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2009 - Track Fifteen - The Revolutionaries' "Rigor Mortis"

rigor mor·tis (rig ər môr tis; occas.' gôr)
the progressive stiffening of the muscles that occurs several hours after death as a result of the coagulation of the muscle protein

The tune for today has a name in common with the morbid definition above and that's where the similarities end. This is an upbeat dub tune by the Revolutionaries from the 1978 Ballistic LP called Rasta Fire (A Channel One Experience) featuring the DJ Errol Scorcher on 8 tunes and the Revolutionaries doing their thing on the following 4 tracks. You're gonna wanna get up and move, stiffness ain't what this tune's about! An excellent early rub-a-dub Joseph Hoo Kim production from the legendary Channel One!

The intro was taken from the trailer of the 1973 Bob Clark (of Porky's and Christmas Story fame) cult classic "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things." One of my favorite low budget horror films and one that is actually succeeds in being scary in parts... must see low brow viewing for Halloween!

Spooktacular Track Fifteen

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Christofari said...

More treats, no tricks

You'll be going out on a super-high note at this rate , my man...