Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2011 - Track Eighteen - I Shall Fear No Evil

I remember the first time my friend Nick and I got together to watch The Evil Dead and the most vivid memory I have of the whole event was that this movie scared the hell out of me!

The story of five friends spending a weekend at a cabin in the woods, playing around with black magic, releasing the evil spirits and fighting for their survival as one by one they are possessed and killed... The Evil Dead just had me on edge the entire time and I remember, though I hate to admit it now, that I was relieved when it was over. To this day it remains one of those scariest film experiences I've ever had!

Doctor Alimantado (born Winston James Thompson, 1952, Kingston) got started like the majority of DJs from the era by getting in his licks with the soundsystems. Alimantado honed his skills with Coxsone Dodd's Downbeat and Lord Tippertone. He began recording for Lee Perry and Bunny Lee using a wide variety of names; Winston Price, Winston Cool, Ital Winston, or Youth Winston. In 1976 he recorded the DJ portion of Devon Irons' "Ketch Vampire," and continued cutting tracks and accumulating an impressive string of solid singles.

Greensleeves records compiled those singles into one collection and released Best Dressed Chicken In Town in 1978. The album enjoys the distinction of being the first LP the company ever produced and the song we're going to hear "I Shall Fear No Evil" was taken from the aforementioned set. Originally released as the b-side of the Ital Sound 7" "Poison Flour" in 1976 which was in essence two different DJ variations of Horace Andy's killer "Quiet Place," often referred to as Man Next Door riddim.

Subject matter is pretty self-explanatory and in fact very Halloween appropriate!


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