Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Calypso Treat #7 - Love In The Cemetery

Lord Kitchener (born Aldwyn Roberts, 1922, Trinidad) was one of those calypso artists who achieved success when he moved to England, via Jamaica in 1948. There he recorded a great wealth of material on the Parlophone, Melodisc and Lyragon labels, most of which was exported back to the West Indies and even to West Africa where he had a rather large following. Years later, Lord Kitchener had begun recording in the emerging soca sound before his death in 2000.

"Love In The Cemetery" is one of my all-time favorite Halloween songs and its influence was felt in Jamaican music during the early 80s when DJ combo Clint Eastwood and General Saint used the song for the basis of their recording, "Talk About Run."

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MMcC said...

Love love love this song (and Lord K in general!)