Tuesday, September 16, 2014

RIP Jackie "Kingstonian" Bernard

I heard today that Jackie Bernard, the one time leader of the Kingstonians, has died.  Bernard started the Kingstonians in the 1960s with his brother Lloyd "Footy" Bernard and  Lloyd Kerr, they came to popularity when they signed a recording deal with Derrick Harriott in the rocksteady/early reggae era. 

Jackie's story, as of late, was one that really helps restore your faith in humanity...  Jackie had been diagnosed with diabetes and was in desperate need of assistance and through the assistance of Rafael Ruiz, who established the Jackie Bernard Foundation, and with the contributions of complete strangers, he was able to get the care needed.  RIP Jackie Bernard.

I put together a mix to help celebrate the joy this man was able to spread and I hope it serves as a fitting tribute...

What you're going to hear...

1.  Mix It Up
2.  Nice Nice
3.  Winey Winey
4.  I'll Be Around
5.  Sufferer
6.  Fun Galore
7.  I Am Just A Minstrel
8.  Put Down Your Fire
9.  Crime Don't Pay
10.  Right From Wrong

Jackie "Kingstonian" Bernard Tribute Mix

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RIP Jackie