Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 40 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Johnny Clarke - Do You Love Me?

Sticking with the fantastic flying cymbals for another tune and this one comes directly from Bunny Lee and the Aggrovators' Carlton "Santa" Davis; the producer, band and the very drummer that revolutionized the sound... according to reggae historian and author David Katz in a great article regarding this topic which you can read here, Santa Davis modeled the distinctive open and closed hi-hat pattern from the "Philly Bump" soul pattern popularized by the band Mother, Father, Sister, Brother and their song "The Sound of Philadephia" AKA the theme song to Soul Train.  This is the 40th track in the 365 day Jamaican Music Challenge and it's voiced by the man Johnny Clarke and it's called "Do You Love Me?" not to be confused with the American song by the Contours of the same title.  This tune was originally released in Jamaica circa 1975 as a 7" on the Bar Bell label, as well as Hotstick and Monica's in Canada around the same time! 

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