Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5 More From The King

As you can see from the photo (sorry it's so blurry - the security at the concert venue were being real A-holes about taking pictures)... I got the chance to see Yellowman Sunday night and being that I've had his music in heavy rotation since, I thought it would be a good time to share 5 more singles from my favorite DJ!

The first tune is the wicked "Belly Move" or more commonly titled "Body Move" from a Volcano 7". If you're familiar with Yellowman's music you'll notice the mix is a little different that the track that appeared on his "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" album - it's a little more raw sounding and I think you'll dig it! The second track is "Lover's Take Over" from a Witty's Music 12". The third is "Learn The Water Pumpee" with Danny Dread on the Absissa label and it's actually more Danny Dread than Yellow but he does do a cool rap at the tail-end of the track. The fourth track is "Gregory Free" a tribute to Gregory Isaacs from 1983... I have the 7" on the Witty Music label but this one actually came from a rip of the blank pre-release 12" pictured. Finally going a little more digital I've got "Mr. Consular" with Home T4 on Mango from 1985.


nicodread said...

wicked yellowman selection, with out a doubt the most busy deejay ever,

nuff respect due to the king, king yellowman,

the song gregory free reminded me of another super song that i need to get somehow, its "toyan - digital" i heard this song from the various artist lp "original dj classics vol 3" if anyone gots it,
please be kind enough to post cause its one of my favorite toyan songs and im sure everyone will love it, as a matter of fact the entire album "original dj classics" is great!, being sold on ebay right now but its in another country then me, if not i would probably buy it.

cheers and thumbs up
thanks for the yellow!

HEARWAX said...

NIce tunes :0)
thanks & respect.

nicodread said...

hey there xx, i replied to the email you sent me, not sure if your still interested buf take a look, im glad i have found this "blogger" thing, never knew about it but its a very positive and friendly reggae comunity, over the years i lost my reggae friends due to them growing up and stuff, but i will always be a kid at heart and will never refuse the sweet reggae music and its positive vibez and traditions.

i kind of feel like i have got a few reggae friends in you great people, XX Hearwax schrikdraad and reggae roots, open roots, even tho i dont understand they,re language :)

keep up the great vibe everyone
its realy getting me back in to reggae, more then ever before for that id like to thank everyone that blogs

OuttaSweden said...

Yeah man big post this. Strictly BIG selection outta reggaexx! Didn't really like the "Mr Consular" tune, though... Strange sound that, hehe.
Bless up!

Reggaexx said...

I'd have to agree with "Mr. Consular." Not one of my favorite Yellowman tracks but a pretty good representation of the wacky stuff Sly & Robbie were cranking out in the mid 80's.

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