Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Request... Peter Tosh Live At The One Love Peace Concert

Since time is limited today and because someone else has written it so consisely, I’m quoting directly from the thorough Peter Tosh biography here.

“Peter Tosh was a revolutionary, a freedom fighter who always spoke his mind, and was not afraid to seize an opportunity to expose the inequities of Jamaican society. This conduct culminated in his performance at the One Love Peace Concert on April 22, 1978. At the time, Jamaica was experiencing a political civil war. Kingston was the sight for the battle, which pitted Prime Minister Michael Manley, of the People's National Party, against Edward Seaga and his Jamaican Labor Party. In hopes of resolving this problem plaguing Jamaican society a concert was arranged. The concept behind the concert was that instead of all the "fussin' and fightin'” there should be one love for all brethren, and peace on the island of Jamaica. The organizers of this event got the biggest acts in reggae music to agree to perform. Included in this group was Peter Tosh, as well as Bob Marley and the Wailers, who were the headline band. It was at this concert that Peter took the opportunity to lecture the audience, which included Mr. Michael Manley himself, about the injustice of the Jamaican 'shitstem'. This 'livatribe', as Peter liked to refer to his speeches, or diatribes, that he gave including the following statements directed at both the Manley and Seaga:

"Me glad all the Prime Minister is here and the Minister of Opposition and members of Parliament. We can't make the little pirate dem come here and rob up the resources for the country. Because that is what dem been doing a long bloodbath time...I am not a politician but I suffer the consequences.”


i said...

absolutely amazing show. i highly recommend the pressure sounds release "talking revolution" which is tosh's performance at one love (well remastered)... diatribes and all... plus a disc of solo acoustic tunes. i say: throw some $ down on it if y'all like this stuff. pressure sounds is a good label to support.

Reggaexx said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I'm definitely going to order it tonight!

kerppu said...

Just a quick note to promote a blog with nice shares in reggae too.

bubbly ranking said...

I'd love if you could do a vocal groups posting.

Reggaexx said...

Bubbly, let me know what era and I'll see what I can do! :)

head honcho said...

Josey Wales, Yellowman and others live at skateland 1986 ( video )

the quality isn't really great, but it gives you an impression.

Zero G Sound said...


thanks for the Peter Tosh live recordings!

Over at my blog you asked for a Volcano soundtape - sorry, I don´t have any!