Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tappa Zukie - Living In The Ghetto

In conjunction with Hearwax, Rockers Radio and Schrikdraad... it is my pleasure to present another piece of the Tappa/Tapper Zukie discography. This album is called "Living In The Ghetto" and as you can clearly see from the gigantic word bubble on the sleeve it does in fact include the big hit "Oh Lord!"

Engineered by Jammy, mixed and voiced at King Tubby's, featuring Sly and Robbie on the essentials and released on the Stars label, I think you'll dig it!

In the next week I'm going to mix it up a little... gonna go more mid-80's with a feature w/shares from one of my all-time favorite DJ's Admiral Bailey and later we're going to go real old school with some Studio One ska courtesy of the Clarendonians... stay tuned!

Tappa Zukie - Living In The Ghetto


nicodread said...

Great Record, this is one LP i dont have... and i must have over 10 LP by this artist,

great stuff! tappa zukie and toaster fans should love this,

thanks alot :)

i am new to the internet so,is there a place where i can buy or trade "out of print" CD-R copies..
some vinyls i cant find anywhere!?

Reggaexx said...

Nico - thanks for the feedback! I don't know of anyplace where you can actually buy or trade CDR copies of OOP albums but the best place to start is by asking around on the blogs that specialize in reggae music - check out my blog links! I've found that if you're looking for something in particular, the contributors and posters to these blogs usually come up with what you need at alarmingly quick speeds!

nicodread said...

thanks alot, i will start asking around on the reggae blogs, and i will check out the links also..

thanks alot brother, jah bless

Harry Lime said...

Any chance of that Lady Ann - Informer lp being posted?

HEARWAX said...

Thanx for this one reggaexx, I don't think I've heard it before, so I am looking forward to listening to it at my desk tomorrow.
The man Zukie takin' over the airwaves!

Reggaexx said...

Harry Lime - just cool man, I'm working on it! :)

Downpressor said...

nice nice!

Someday I gotta go thru and clean my iTunes library and decide whether I prefer "Tappa" or "Tapper". ID3 tags are terrible for genres like reggae where there are so many colaborations

Reggaexx said...

Downpressor - I just transferred my entire Itunes library to an external harddrive and with the conflicting ID tags it is absolute mayhem! I feel your pain brother! :)