Thursday, October 12, 2006

Halloween Mix Part 10 - The Flames "Scare Him"

Short and sweet today! I know this song is called "Scare Him" but when I think of being scared the shower scene from Psycho immediately comes to mind. In my opinion this single frame of film exemplifies what it means to be scared!

Anyway, up next in the mix is the song "Scare Him" courtesy of The Flames (yet another group who I can't find any information about and not to be confused with Winston Jarrett And The Righteous Flames) and it appeared on the Coxsone Dodd produced LP "Boss Reggae" which was released on the Pama label in 1969. This is a great early reggae track and its uptempo tempo helps to lighten the mood a bit after you've escaped from hell!

Now that we're half way through this experiment I need to warn you... you've got to keep up with all parts of this mix or once we're done the finished product is really gonna be outta whack! :-)


i said...

quite the project you've got going here. i'm loving it so far...

Reggaexx said...

I, glad you're diggin' it! Stay tuned... there are wicked tunes coming up!!