Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Halloween Mix Part 13 - Night Of The Living Dead!!

Short and sweet today... Most of us are probably familiar with the classic/influential George Romero film, shot on a miniscule budget and released to horrified audiences in 1968 but... Are you prepared to witness the sadistic nightmarish terror when Scientist meets the Night Of The Living Dead inna combination style?

Inspired by one of the tracks that Jason over at Scar Stuff did for one of his masterful Halloween mixes... from the Scientist album "Rids the World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampire" and featuring a few of the news reports that appeared in the film... I present "Night Of The Living Dead!"

If you're into Halloween music and sound effects pay Jason's site a visit... you'll be blown away!

We're going to get in a undead mood for the next two songs so be prepared for some bone chilling Dracula vibes straight from the blood soaked Crypt Of Jamaican Sounds... tomorrow. It's odd, the closer we get to Halloween the more I'm willing to start speaking like an announcer on one of those b-movie trailers. :-)


Anonymous said...

Rapidshare dropped this file. Any chance you might rehost it? I'm really enjoying your mix (so what if Halloween is over? I've still got plenty of candy left, and you can't just eat fistfuls of Reese's Pumpkins and Hershey's Ghosts without setting the proper ambience first), and I'd hate to miss a section.

Christofari said...

Still cursing my ill fortune for missing your Halloween mix instalments when you posted them last year (or, worse still, the entire thing if you ever put that up in one big piece).
Any chance of reposting, either sooner or later?
Oh, and while I think of it, did you ever come across Mikey Dread's seminal 1979 'African Anthem' LP on Cruise Records? 'Pre-dawn Dub' just begs to be included in a Halloween mix, complete with some seriously demented duppy howling. Funnily enough, I shared a studio back in 1979 with the guy who ran Cruise and Sufferers Heights Records, and was always doing bits of graphic design for Trojan Records, who were just across the road. Heady days... but I digress.
(Hmmm... on reflection, 'Pre-dawn Dub' and TransGlobal Underground's 'Dopi' from their International Times LP probably suggested the name for my sound system, Duppy Hi-Fi, but that's quite enough about me).

As before, all power to you for sharing such great stuff. I just wish all the rapidshare links still worked!

WillyGuttz said...

Killer tune.
This has to be the only killer reggae LP I ever found at the thrift store dollar bins. I found a Volcano JA press.
That's almost like winning the lottery type odds.

This is one of my favorite Scientist concept albums.