Friday, October 20, 2006

Halloween Mix Part 16 - Bobby Aitken And The Rocksteady Vampire

Sticking with the "undead" theme we’ve got going this week I proudly present the next track in our little Halloween project. The next tune is by Bobby Aitken and comes from a great various artists rocksteady compilation called "Bobby Aitken Presents Rock Steady Original And Red Hot 1966/67." Bobby of course was the brother of the late Laurel Aitken and was originally the leader of a group called the Carib Beats.

This track doesn’t specifically touch on supernatural spookiness per se… it actually deals with a love gone wrong and the vampire reference is used to personify an unfaithful woman who roams the street instead of staying home with her mate. It’s a great song and I’m sure you’ll agree that it fits right in with what we’ve been hearing this month.

Next week we’re gonna wrap up the mix with five more songs to put you in a Jamaican Halloween kinda mood. It’s amazing how fast this month has been flying by! Have a great weekend!

Part 16 Download

Rapidshare is saying that all of its drives are full right now so the hell with 'em, this link is through Savefile - hopefully it works without a problem!

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