Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Mix 2007 Track 11 - Skankin' In The Grave Yard

Here we are again with another spooky tune to put you in the Halloween mood... this is in fact the half way point in our creepy countdown and I'm hoping you've been keeping up and enjoying what you've been hearing!

We're keeping it short today because unfortunately real life always has a way of interfering with my blogging time. Today it's a dub track from Studio One produced by the man himself Coxsone Dodd and would have come from the 1977 album called The Lone Ranger - On The Other Side Of Dub, if it had been included, and it's called "Grave Yard Skank." Interestingly enough this song only reappeared when it was digitally revived. My copy comes from the Heartbeat CD reissue from 1991 and it's perfect material for this time of year. I really wouldn't say this is dub as much as a straight forward instrumental since it does lack in any of the echo and wacky effects that one often identifies in dub.

I have embellished this track with a track called "Entering The Graveyard" from a Halloween CD called A Night In A Haunted House/A Night In A Graveyard - Spine-Tingling Tales Of Haunted Houses & Ghostly Graveyards - wow that's a mouthful. I think it turned out pretty cool and I hope you dig it. It'll serve as a nice segue into tomorrow's track as you'll see...

Track 11

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