Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Mix 2007 Track 19 - Ghost Dance

Taking the cue from a clip of audio from The Uninvited, one of my favorite haunted house films, we jump right in to the next song in the mix. And though the audio from the movie has very little to do with the music I thought it would serve as a nice segue. Today's terrorific tune comes to us from Cecil Bustamante Campbell... or Prince Buster as he's better known. It's called "Ghost Dance" and is a recitation of his letter to the dead where he ponders the question, "how is the music down there in bone yard?" Now I'm not really a Prince Buster afficianado and I'm not really versed in this era's sound systems so I can't tell if Buster is actually speaking praises to the music men that came before or if he's ridiculing the sound systems his own music "killed." Nonetheless it's a clever song and there is one line that has always alarmed me... "I hear they can't get any Red Stripe beer to sell at the dance at night." Oh the horror!! If that's what it's like in the afterworld then I'm definitely not going!

"Ghost Dance" is taken from a 1993 Prince Buster greatest hits CD called appropriately FABulous Greatest Hits on the Sequel label.

Now this is the space where I usually do a little bio on the artist but, I'm running late today so I won't be able to get to it... work has been kicking my ass this week! See you tomorrow!

Track 19

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