Friday, December 21, 2007

The Complete Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007

Here it is in its entirety... the complete uncut Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007. With a running time of an hour and twenty five minutes I think you're going to have a hard time fitting it on one CDR but if you listen on your computer or on an MP3 player it shouldn't be an issue.

Best Wishes Everyone! See you in 2008!

The Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007

Just Added!

The Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007 - CD sized mix!

(I had to cut out five tracks but I burned off a couple copies yesterday and I finally got it to fit!)


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this mix! Almost finished listening to it through, and I've got it on the download too to get me through last minute Christmas shopping.

I like the samples and links too. You must have put quite a bit of work into this.

So It Goes said...

Merry Christmas sir, and thank you for introducing me to all this great music.

Waskrijt said...

much thanks and a merry christmas! I've waited for this uncut version, only to find out it doesnt fit on a cd, so the cd version is just in time to stop me cut up your great mix.

thanks again!

S.A.T said...

Cheers again dude!
Merry Christmas - see you in the New Year!

stubbysfears said...

Don't know if you saw this--just did myself--but Alton Ellis is very ill. Starting chemo. Here's the story link:

Reggaexx said...

I did hear the sad news about Alton Ellis and he has definitely been in my prayers... such a great voice, I could listen to Alton for days!

RFINSPL said...

This is the best mix I've heard all year. I listened to part 1 non-stop until I saw you put the entire mix up. This is a great place and a great mix. Hope you're having a great holiday.

- Spencer

Reggaexx said...

Thanks - glad you're enjoying it!

Q said...

Here via AnalogGiant and very much looking forward to this mix (what? Christmas isn't over 'til Sunday!).