Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007 - Part 2

Sorry for the delay... I wanted to get part 2 uploaded yesterday but I couldn't find the time. The closer we get to Christmas the more hectic things are getting... can you imagine?!

I hope every one is getting geared up for the Big Day and not blowing their retirement on keeping everyone happy. I've got 2 small kids and thankfully their shopping is done with minimal damage!

Let's get to the music! Starting off this portion of the mix we've got a festive one from Al and the Vibrators called simply "Merry Christmas" and comes to us from the various artists CD called A Jamaican Christmas. I think you'll like this one!

The second track is by the man Lloyd Lovindeer with a tune called "It's Christmas Time Again" from his mid-80's era album Caribbean Christmas Cheer on the TSOJ label. Surprisingly Lovindeer doesn't resort to his usual beloved comedic style anywhere in this track or on this album but nonetheless it's a pretty decent reggae Christmas album.

Next up is the keyboard king himself, Mr. Jackie Mittoo, and a moody piece called "Joy Joy" taken from the Studio One LP Christmas In Jamaica - Greeting From The Leading Stars Of JA. It starts off slow but once the rhythm kicks in you'll be guaranteed of a groovin' tune!

The next song is by the British reggae group The Cimarons and it's called "Holy Christmas." It comes to us from the various artists CD called The Reggae Christmas Collection on the Pulse label. Another smooth tune!

The DJ by the name of Ringo gives us our next Yuletide treat. From the 70's era Dobby Dobson Christmas LP called Sweet Christmas on the Top Ranking label it's a tune called appropriately "Christmas Time." This is also the album that I've been waiting for since mid-November so it's good to see it finally got here!!

Little Kirk is up next inna dancehall style with the tune "Gee Whiz" from the Black Solidarity/Tuff Gong release called Rub-A-Dub Christmas from 1985. A wicked tune with Kirk riding the timeless Taxi riddim. If you've spent any time on my blog you know that I'm a huge rub-a-dub era fan and this one definitely hits the spot!

Up next is one of reggae's finest vocal talents and a huge favorite of mine Half Pint and the song called "Christmas Vibes." This is the title track from another Studio One various artists Christmas release and it doesn't disappoint. Half Pint is voicing over another classic riddim - this time the one called Real Rock! Nice vibes!

Gregory "The Cool Ruler" Isaacs is up next with his take on the Irving Berlin holiday classic "White Christmas." Bing Crosby's 1942 version is probably my all-time favorite non-reggae Christmas song and Gregory's take is pretty high on my list of favorites as well. The song comes from the 1989 Various Artists album called Blue Mountain Christmas Party on the Blue Mountain label.

Following up "White Christmas" is a track that works well with the Christmas season though it isn't specifically a Christmas song. It's called "Winter World Of Love" and comes to us from John Holt's 1977 release on the Trojan label called 3000 Volts Of Holt. I put this song, originally written and sung by Engelbert Humperdinck of all people, in the same category as "Baby It's Cold Outside" and "Winter Wonderland"... romantic and wintry with no real mention of the actual holiday.

Finally we wrap up this portion of the mix with the sweet sounds of Sugar Minott from the aforementioned A Jamaican Christmas compilation and the song called "Christmas Jamboree." The tune was originally released by Coxsone's Studio One as a single in 1977 which I have but doesn't sound too good - so I took the cleaner CD version. The B-side is also pretty wicked but the quality isn't blogable.

Stay tuned for next weeks final 5 tracks - there are some good tunes rounding out this year's mix!

Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007 - Part 2

And as always... comments are appreciated!


stubbysfears said...

Great stuff, mon! You is da KING od da Reggae Christmas, mon! This is just wonderful! Even better than last year's mix!

Santanonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the good sounds at Christmas (and the rest of the year, too)

johnny dollar said...

thanks again!

S.A.T said...

Many thanks again - just on the d/l - looking forward to it!
Anything like last years then I'm defo on to a winter winner again!
Will all three parts be again posted as a whole mix (like last years)?

If you are still in a festive listening mood - I have a xmas mix out there on the blogosphere:
The Big Blue Snowman Mix - Listen + MP3 HERE @ the b0x that b00ms

It's got Vidler's Carpenters Christmas & a few dubby elvis tunes! Also the Carlene Davis trk from your last xmas mix - I hope that doesn't trouble you!?

Happy soltice & top work again big fella ;-)

Anonymous said...

have you got any calypso christmas tunes or De Paur Chorus? Can't find this stuff anywhere!
Cheers and keep up the good work.

Christofari said...

The intro to 'Winter World Of Love' made me laugh out loud.

You go from strength to strength, reggaexx. All power to you

Dubstrong said...

Big up!

Great job... Happy Irie Christmas!


[]s Dubstrong