Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2012 - Track Six - Annie Pama

The Annie Palmer legend is a good ol' fashioned Jamaican ghost story, complete with a White Witch well versed in Haitian Voodoo who enjoyed fraternizing, torturing and killing slaves, murdering husbands with reckless abandon, casting evil spells on servants, etc.  Annie Palmer's reign of terror came to end when a former lover and powerful Voodoo priest murdered her in return for killing his daughter.  But did a little thing like death stop Annie Palmer?  Hell no!  Her spirit is said to still haunt the Rose Hall Plantation outside of Montego Bay.   To be honest with you, I think the whole story  would be perfect fodder for a daytime soap opera.  I have done some in depth write-ups about the White Witch over the years, if you want to read more, have a gander at the archives.

But we're talkin' music here... and next up in the Spooktacular is "Annie Pama" (Palmer) by Bunny Lee's Allstars and it comes from a 1970 7" on the UK based Pama label.  This is an upbeat instrumental tune that I have been diggin' for years and it has been patiently waiting on the reserve list until now.  Dig it!

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