Monday, October 08, 2012

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2012 - Track Four - Bermuda Triangle

For the most part, the tracks on the Spooktaculars have been firmly planted on terra firma, but with with this next track we're heading offshore into the North Atlantic, more precisely we're heading off the Bermuda Triangle!  

You'd have to be in a coma not to have heard about the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft in this geographically triangular expanse of ocean between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.  Popular culture has attributed these events to paranormal or even extra terrestrial activity but no one has provided proof of anything about this strange region, that is until now! You will hear the fantastic tale of survival from the man Bionic Steve himself!  

Bionic Steve, born Marcus Townsend, is best know for his 1993 hit "Fly De Gate" on the riddim of the same name, but "Bermuda Triangle" predates that one by a good 13 years!  Little, i.e. nothing, is written about Bionic Steve except for a few details regarding his tragic murder in 1997, so I can't contribute anything else factual about him. So let's get to the record itself... pressed in 1980 on Derrick Harriot's Crystal label, it tells of Steve's fearful journey through the Devil's Triangle and his subsequent survival.

So put on your life preserver, roll up your pant legs and hold on because the seas are about to get rough!  


ToB said...

Who knew that reggae and horror would blend so perfectly? I'm trying to think of a comparable unlikely but great blend in the world of food.

TCB said...

I'm loving these comic book covers. Thanks for all the great songs!