Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Day 101 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - The Maytones & I Roy - Money Worries

Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant named their vocal group the Maytones because they both hailed from the town of May Pen in Clarendon Jamaica.  They got together in the late 1960s, recorded two rocksteady tracks for Studio One which were never released and went over to Alvin Ranglin where they had their first successes and a string of hits over the decade.  Following on the rising fame of the Mighty Diamonds during the late 70s they were re-branded the Mighty Maytones but unlike the latter they never got picked up by a big name British label which was scooping up Jamaican talent en masse during the era.  In 1979, the Maytones contributed today's track, "Money Worries" to the soundtrack for the film Rockers... the film was an absolute classic; a realistic snapshot of Kingston during the height of the roots era and the soundtrack became just as legendary.  "Money Worries" is one of my all-time favorite tunes ever.  Obviously the song deals with the fixation people have with acquiring money and how it in turn becomes the root of all evil, heartache and stress and it is a universal message that cuts through all economic, financial and international boundaries regardless of you live in Kingston Jamaica or Bel Air Maryland.  Many a week goes by when the bills have been paid and I get left with an empty bank account and wallet... and while I pray that no unforeseen expenses will rear their ugly head, the Maytones play on a loop in my head.  Today's track is the extended mix which includes some monetary chatting by the great DJ I-Roy.

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