Sunday, February 07, 2016

Day 99 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Shorty The President - Forward On To Work

Shorty the President, born Derek Thompson in 1949, first achieved notoriety as a deejay with his interpretation of Slim Smith's "My Conversation" called "President Mash Up The Resident" in 1972 for Bunny Lee.  Notably the track was featured on Yamaha Skank one of the first rhythm compilation albums, a phenomenon that is distinctive to Jamaican music and most likely bordering on the bizarre for those unfamiliar with the practice of producing multiple tunes on the same riddim tracks.  Shorty the President went on to never received the acclaim or the recording deal with a major label, like a heap of his DJ counterparts during the mid to late 70s, he did continue to record and have some notable success in Africa. Today's tune, the 99th in the 365 Day Challenge, is called "Forward On To Work" and it comes from Shorty the President's 1976 album Presenting on the Cactus label.  Dig it!

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