Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 255 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Carl Malcolm - Mek It Tan Deh Version

Carl Malcolm originally started playing the piano at his local Methodist church and after moving to Kingston and working as a shoe salesman and serving as a reservist in the Jamaica Defense Force, he joined The Volcanoes, his first band, in 1965.  He recorded briefly as a solo artist for Coxsone but soon after moved to the United States.  Upon his return to Jamaica in 1975, some of the material he had recorded a couple years earlier were beginning to chart in the UK so he immediately went back to the recording studio where he continued far into the late 70s before he hung up the mic and went to work as a percussionist instead.  Today's track is the b-side version of Malcolm's 1972 tune "Mek It Tan Deh" originally released on the Randy's label.  And while I like the vocal side well enough, I think I like the version even more.  The Youtube video of course includes both sides of the disc so you can give 'em both a listen and judge for yourself!

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