Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 260 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Burning Spear - Not Guilty

Some Burning Spear for a Sunday and mostly because I am loading the kids in the car and lugging them downtown to see him performing live at Baltimore's Artscape this evening.  I have never taken them to see a concert before and I look forward to the opportunity to expose them to live reggae.  Sure they are well aware of Dad's obsession with Jamaican music and they have been listening to Bob Marley and Studio One long before they were even born, but I am hoping that once they get to experience first-hand the beauty and the joy that is real reggae, their peripheral interest in this music that they know means so much to me will be strengthened.  I hope that one day my daughter will be asked, "what was the first concert you ever saw?" and her response will be, "Burning Spear with my dad."  Today's track is called "Not Guilty" and it comes from Spear's 2003 album Free Man on his own Burning Spear label.

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Muddy said...

Artscape had great music and a great vibe when I used to go in the early 90s. I hope it's still just as good, and that your kids had a happy and transforming experience. Hooray for you and for them.