Saturday, October 10, 2015

King Horror - Ruler of Creepy Reggae

As any long-time follower of my blog can attest, I have been a huge fan of King Horror and his spooky brand of music for years!  And though there is no definitive proof regarding the true identity of the man behind the shrieks, growls and shouts over the boss reggae rhythms that found their way into my horror-loving heart years ago, Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without a little King Horror!  I have received requests on Facebook regarding putting together a mix of King Horror's "monster" hits and I am happy to oblige by putting together this mini (16 minute) Spooktacular.  If you are familiar with King Horror this compilation will feel like familiar strangling hands around your neck and if not, you are in for a welcome treat!  

Enjoy and play at loud volume... I'll never forget the shocked looks I got from people sitting beside me at a stoplight when Horror's bloodcurdling scream leading into Loch Ness Monster exploded through my cars speakers.  Try it for yourself and see!

Here's how they fall into place...

1.  Dracula Prince of Darkness - Joe 7" - 1969
2.  Loch Ness Monster - Grape 7" - 1969
3.  Ghost Hour - blank 7" - 1969
4.  Frankenstein - Nu Beat 7" - 1970
5.  The Vampire - Grape 7" - 1969
6.  The Hole - Grape 7" - 1969

ENJOY...if you dare!

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Brian Eldritch said...

That last one -- "The Hole"... hehehe