Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2015 - Track Fifteen - Vampire

What Halloween season would be complete without an appearance by our old blood sucking pal, Barnabas Collins?  Well... at least when it comes to our cover for today's terrifying tune.  Unfortunately there is no tribute tune to Barnabas in this years Spooktacular but I still wanted to see Jonathon Frid's frightening face.  I brought it up to Roger and this is the end result!  Thanks Roger!

Today's track is by Henry James AKA Peter Broggs (born 1954, Hanover Parish, Jamaica) and it's appropriately titled "Vampire" or sometimes referred to as "Vank Out" and originally pressed on the Quarter Mile label.  

 In it James/Broggs warns those who stray away from their spiritual beliefs and convictions and the evil forces that await to corrupt them instead of actually mentioning an outright fanged fiend.  I have been sitting on this tune for years and after the hell I went through to get this record and the ridiculous amount of money I spent only to have the song re-pressed and readily available two years later for a minuscule fraction of what I paid for the original, it has always kinda left me with a bad, or perhaps that's bloody, taste in my mouth.  Regardless, don't let my record buying experience ruin the tune for you.  It's a good one!

Henry James - Vampire - 2015 Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular Track Fifteen


Christofari said...

Woh, love Henry James's mournful monotone on this tune. Well atmospheric.

I can so empathise with your buying tale - it's happened to me more than once; I look forward to a more understanding time when DDS* is recognised generally. Perhaps even a cure will be found.

Meantime, THANK YOU as ever for sharing these hair-raising rarities (and RW for the stunning artwork)

I man feelin' eerie.
Easy, yeh?

*Digger's Distress Syndrome

Christofari said...

For some unknown reason, I couldn't get that comment to post last week, so sorry if it seems a trifle late!