Thursday, October 01, 2015

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2015 - Track One - Dubbing In The Rain

Welcome back again friends for the 10th Annual  Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular!  I've got a twenty-two track helping of creepy, bone-chilling and downright scary tunes for you this month, done-up in the same style in which longtime visitors have become accustomed!  If you're new here, I bid you welcome and I hope you will enjoy what you're going to hear this October on Distinctly Spooky Jamaican Sounds!

Here's how it works… I post an individual song for each weekday during the month as well as a short or if my mind starts to wander, long-winded bit of information about the artist, the song, the theme, etc. and a custom comic book cover for each segment!  Each track will stand on its own individually but once reassembled will create a seamless mix which will have you cowering under the blankets at night and get your heart pounding during that frenzied dash up the darkened basement steps moments before some unseen evil force grabs your ankle and drags you back down.

As usual, it promises to be a hair-raisingly good time.  And to mix things up a little, I have relinquished some of the writing duties to a group of guys who have generously volunteered to take some time and share their perspective and knowledge about the track in which they selected beforehand.  I can't thank them enough for volunteering and like you, I look forward to hearing what they've got to say!  I reached out to a bunch of other reggae outlets hoping they would want to contribute with no response and in the end the people who stepped up are the ones who I consider friends!  Thanks guys!

I also want to take a moment to thank my pal Roger Wilkerson who so generously volunteered to modify existing horror comic book covers to suit our Jamaican Spooktacular needs.  Roger tends to personally favor pre-code comics from the 1950s but this year I asked if he wouldn't mind moving it up a couple decades and refurbishing covers from DC, Charlton and Marvel instead… he agreed and the results are fantastic!  Even he agreed that the late 60s - mid 70s feel of these covers really work well with the era of music that we so readily explore here.  Thanks again Roger!

So let's get this thing rolling!

We start off the 2015 Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular with a nice little dub attributed to singer, musician and producer B.B. Seaton.  The track is called "Dubbing In The Rain" and it comes from the album Gun Court Dub Volume Two, released on the Soul Beat label in 2007.  Once you hear this tune you'll probably say to yourself, "wait a minute…2007?"  I assure you, your ears aren't deceiving you.  The album was originally released in 1976 and the band actually performing this number are The Conscious Minds, a band that Seaton himself formed in 1969 with Ken Boothe, former members of the Gaylads and a whole heap of extremely talented musicians.  Mixing and engineering are capably handled by the legendary Errol Brown. 

Though not a straight up "spooky title"… hell, "Dubbing In The Rain" might be perceived by some as dubbing during an April shower or dubbing during a late summer afternoon downpour but not me… dubbing in the rain means a violent, midnight thunderstorm of Frankenstein proportions or one that happens when the world is tossing and turning in its fitful sleep and the forces of malevolence roam the night seeking warm human blood… But hey, that's just me.  Give it a listen!
B.B. Seaton - Dubbing In the Rain - 2015 Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular Track One


Lou C. Ferr said...

Always look forward to one of my fav Hallowe'en treats. I've enjoyed them from the start and appreciate all the time and effort you've put into the project. Many, many Thanks!

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Lou, as always I appreciate your support!! Hope you're enjoying the mix thus far!

Dj Yogi said...

As Well Big Up the selector always a great selection of spooky goodness!!