Thursday, May 05, 2016

Day 187 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Augustus Pablo & Lee "Scratch" Perry - Mexican Skank

Happy Cinco de Mayo to any of the readers of this blog in Mexico!  In keeping with this day, in which about 50% of stupid Americans think was created for drinking too much Corona and eating tortilla chips, I have selected an appropriate tune in celebration.  But before we get to the music I have to admit that Cinco de Mayo, much like St. Patrick's Day here in the U.S., is an embarrassment... every year it gets touted as a "drinking holiday" or reason to get shit-faced at the local tavern on tequila instead of a celebration of the country's vibrant culture, music, food and traditions in which it should be.  But I'll stop there... today's tune "Mexican Skank" relies heavily on the stereotypical Mexican Bandito speak that was so prevalent in popular Western films of the time and would be construed by some as being offensive but that was not my intention in selecting this one.  "Mexican Skank" comes from a 2001 CD on the Rhino label called Augustus Pablo Meets Lee Perry At Black Ark and it is a baaad tune!

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