Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 199 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Ernie Smith - Duppy Gunman

Let's do a "duppy tune" in mid May!  Ernie Smith, born Glenroy Anthony Michael Archangelo Smith, had aspirations of being a radio announcer but soon showed an interest in songwriting and eventually began recording the songs he had written.  When the first tracks didn't go anywhere he resorted to selling life insurance.  In the late 60s, Ernie Smith got back in the studio and what followed were a string of "easy-listening" style hits for producer Richard Khouri at Federal that cemented his career as a singer.  Today's track "Duppy Gunman," recorded in 1974 and released on the Wild Flower label in Jamaica and Attack in the UK, was featured in the 2009 Spooktacular... you can click on the link to read about the tune's backstory.  I love this one, regardless of the season!

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