Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 206 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Marcia Griffiths - Land Of Love

I absolutely love Marcia Griffiths and this tune perked up my ears back in 1996 when I first heard her cover of the Heptones tunes "Land Of Love" originally recorded in 1967 for Coxsone Dodd and released on their self-titled album on Studio One.  Donovan Germain over at Penthouse took a seemingly forgotten tune, provided an updated and infectious digital riddim, added Marcia's wonderful voice and created an absolutely killer track!   And while Marcia is the highlight of the song; her heartfelt delivery makes you too long for this "Land of Love" of which she sings, I went nuts for this riddim and the few tracks that followed on it remain some of my favorites from the era.  Ras Shiloh's "Child Of A Slave" in particular is beautiful in its own right and the combination style of Marcia and Tony Rebel re-titled "Ready To Go" are damn sweet but let's get back to today's tune... originally released in 1996 on Marcia's album Land Of Love on the Penthouse label, give it a listen!

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