Monday, October 14, 2013

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2013 - Track Ten - Graveyard Shift

Up next in our Marathon of Fright and kicking off our third week of Spooky fun is Scientist with his dubby take on the classic Hi-Fashion riddim.  This one is called "Graveyard Shift" and it is taken from the b-side of George Nooks' "Crucial Corporal," a 7" on the Black Solidarity label circa 1982 and I think you'll dig it.  This one has a slow, minimalistic, echoey build, which I happen to think is completely badass, if you'll excuse my language for a second, before it hits its stride and kicks into the tune we all know and love.  I have embellished the track with the trailer from the 1990 Stephen King penned film Graveyard Shift, which I remember plunking down my hard-earned, minimum wage paycheck money to go see when it came out nearly 25 years ago... 25 years ago?!  Wow, when did I get so old?  

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TCB said...

Whoa, a lot to catch up with!

I'm listening to these at work, and it's making the day much more lively, thank you!