Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2013 - Track Two - Night Owl

I hope you've gotten time to digest the little morsel I sprung on you yesterday and are ready for another heaping serving of spookiness... this is one that has been festering in the bin for nearly four years and now I finally have the opportunity to blow off the dust and get it into the mix.  "Night Owl" by Hubert Lee & The Clarendonians, is the 1972 reggae take on the doo-wop tune "Nite Owl" originally recorded by Tony Allen & The Champs in 1955, and to be honest with you, the reggae version is far more listenable than the original... but hey, I may be biased.  Not necessarily spooky subject matter going on because "Night Owl" is about a love gone wrong but it works well with our theme, besides, they can't all be blood and guts can they?  This little jewel was lifted from a 7" on the High School label.

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Crabby said...

Night Owl is awesome. Thank you.