Friday, October 25, 2013

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2013 - Track Nineteen - Dark Shadows

My god will we ever escape the reign of terror that is Barnabas Collins?!  Well actually, aside from the artwork, this Barry Brown tune "Dark Shadows," taken from his 1981 Vibes of Barry Brown LP on the Gorgon label, has nothing to do with the 1960s corny soap opera vampire.  But seriously, how could I resist the idea of using anything but Ol' Barnabas to illustrate track nineteen?  Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows have been a part of the spooktacular line-up since the 2006 mix and I couldn't bear the idea of doing one without Barnie. 

Have a great weekend folks - we're getting down to the nitty gritty next week so be sure to check in before the big day next Thursday!  I may have something that I hope you'll enjoy.


chi chi chi ah ah ah OR ki ki ki ma ma ma ? said...

Next week is the last week... I'm both happy and sad. For some reason October is always a super busy month for me, when all I want is just a little time to sit on my ass and enjoy it! :) I still think this is the greatest month in the universe. Looking forward to next week!

Waskrijt said...

can't wait for the last tunes, and halloween isn't even celebrated over here!

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement and support - it is greatly appreciated! Waskrijt - you need to work on that! ;)