Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2013 - Track Twelve - Nightmares

Barry Dunn AKA Militant Barry originally got his start in the music business with the vocal group The Thrillers before branching out as a solo artist under the guidance of producers Phil Pratt and Al Campbell.  Militant Barry was not heavily recorded, most likely due to his involvement in production and promotion when he relocated to London in the mid-70s, but he did have a knack for recording timely songs with timely subject matter... he even recorded a song called "Pistol Boy" in tribute to Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, questioning whether he was actually responsible for killing his girlfriend Nancy Spungen - how's that for crossover?!  "Nightmares" the twelfth track in the Spooktacular and taken from his album Militant Style on the Rasta Connection label, could also be considered timely.  

Nightmare is not an analysis of nocturnal visions but a fear of organ implantation.  Yes, you read that correct.  You see back in the 1970s, in the early days of organ transplantation it was feared that doctors and surgeons were preying on dying patients.  It was believed that the medical teams treating a terminal patient would stop doing what was best for their survival and would begin administering organ-preserving drugs that could potentially hasten the patients expiration and allow the ghoulish team of doctors, standing by with gore covered scalpels and operating smocks, unable to conceal their ghoulish bellowing laughter behind their jagged jackal-like teeth and flimsy surgical masks, to harvest the usable organs quicker.  So yeah, if you use my analogy, "Nightmare" works perfectly with the Spooktacular!

Militant Barry - Nightmares

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